Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


@Grandaddy013 ya 5.8 is good I clone mine at 6.0


Got my clones today. I guess I’ll find out if I did them right. 4 with Clonex 4 with Aloe Vera.


@Grandaddy013 you might want to wrap the tote you are in with black tape or paint it with black paint any light that gets in threw water will cause mold and algae just talking from experience it will grow fast and mess everything up


Will do. Black duct tape


@Grandaddy013 Yep black duck tape works awsome I would do the top to top is white so it will let light threw


Wow. The damage was not as bad as i thought it was gonna be. Yeah all mine are hung with chains for that exact reason.


Chains are a good idea, but that ain’t what broke. It was the board I had it hooked to


For the clones, I’m using a 125w cfl bulb. Do I leave it on 24/7 like I do with seedlings?
@peachfuzz @BigDaddyCain

Inquiring minds want to know


I thought of blacking it out before, but I was just seeing if I could do it. Waiting on seeds for next grow. Of course if these do good, they might end up in the woods


You can root under 24 hours light. I’m not sure its neccessary, but doesn’t hurt anything either.


I always run lights 18/6 in vegg or when rooting clones… :wink:



Trimmed up under their skirts


@Grandaddy013 I always do 18/6 for veg and clones even if they are rooting they still need down time to sleep persay


Mine are attached straight to the stud with chain.


Got another Toy. Not as big as the last 1. Probably will veg with all CMH and flower with all HPS.


Here you go @GreenCoat


Tuned in :radio:


@peachfuzz @BigDaddyCain
I’ve never done clones before. I took these on day 20 of flower. APPROXIMATELY how long before I develop roots? Do I just put them in hydro (5gal buckets) when they get roots?


Usually takes 14 days to root… but can happen faster based on other factors…
Are you putting them in your new cloner?
I would suggest some super thrive and hormex and hydrogard and a mild bloom nutrient…
Plus the powdered rooting hormones from Walmart… :wink:
You could put them into 5 gallon buckets if you want… up to you…
My main concern is the root ball and how big it gets…
Once i get things back up and running I’ll be able to explain more better… i use the same buckets for rooting clones and just chang out lids once there rooted and need a bigger home but i still use the same buckets…


What dose the branches getting harder mean?
And 500