Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


They will be in the water. Just putting in airstones


Nice idea the 2 inchers fit rapid rooters are those special size or same as rock wool


2" netpots. 2" neoprene collars


Neoprene is expensive material… wetsuits are made of it… quality ones atleaast


I would he carefull not to let the collars stay qet j know if you constantly gonna have atomation for your bubller the neoprene gonna stay wet hope cully it dosent hold moisture to much right where its holding the stalk to dapen you off… just a thought from my morning buzz


They aren’t really neoprene

50 pack Cloning Collars Inserts PREMIUM GRADE Foam Better Than Neoprene for Hydroponics Plant Germination in DIY Cloner & Clone Machines (fits 2 inch net pots/cups, BLACK - 50 pack)


@xaero_cool here’s the update on the plant the light fell on. There is a good in the canopy, but new growth is rapidly filling it in.

The other one is kicking right along.

I believe I was a little late flipping lights. Canopy is pretty full, and branches are hardening.


That side that the light fell on is healing up nicely! She’s bouncing right back from that :wink:


Thats way less damage than i was expecting! Thanks for the tag. I’ll follow this.


They are looking good but the part that burnt keep eye on it u see any dead or during leafs cut them out so plant isn’t wasting energy trying to heal a unhealthy part


@peachfuzz I assume that you do not practice 24hr dark period before harvest?


@Grandaddy013 I do the 48hr darkness but I also do the stem split to. What I do when I have 5 days till harvest I stem split then 3 days later I do the 48hr darkness and the buds get so sticky if you throw them at a wall they will stick to it lol


I’m trying to figure out what to do if both plants aren’t ready at the same time


I do believe we have flower


No , im not able to get complete darkness… i just turn the hoods off for a week that are over the table that i plan to harvest and when i cut them down they go into complete darkness for the rest of the drying process , until i trim them and back into darkness in jars… :wink:



Looks like flower to me


Field of dreams


Damn, makes a man want to go hydro brother. NICE job! She healed nicely huh?


@peachfuzz @Drillbit what should my pH be for my clones? 5.8?


Same. I know they say aquafina for clones whice is 5.9 phd sooo… sounds good to me