Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Bigger is better my friend, your heat signature can probably be seen from space now, LMAO


Looking really awsome


Thanks buddy


lol @Holmes

“your heat signature can probably be seen from space now, LMAO”


@Grandaddy013 can probably hear them buds swelling with those reflectors, I really like them!


I just got them installed yesterday and spent the day in the hospital today. I’ll go “listen” to them tomorrow


Hospital? Work too hard hanging those massive ass hoods? LMAO


Right. I thought I was having another heart attack. Turns out it was a GI problem. Yep, I’m officially FULL OF SHIT


If it dont come out you cant keep putting it in, sorry to hear that, hope it works out for you. At least you have those big pretty buds!


Good to see it wasnt your heart :muscle:


Worried about taking care of the plants, didn’t pay attention to myself. Guess I developed a magnesium deficiency. Lmao


Need a big syringe, to shoot some CAL MAG up your ass. go right to the source. Seriously though long term deficiencies can do serious damage. Keep an eye on it man, we have a lot of Georgia football left to talk about. Take care man.


The girls are LOVING some new reflectors


@peachfuzz what do I need to get for clones, gel etc. Also what do I need to put in the water for the bubble cloner


If you don’t mind I’m interested to know also. As soon as my photo plant is old enough I’m going to clone it in my small tent. I was just wondering earlier what all I needed also for it.


@peachfuzz if you’ll notice, I have a tee on my nets in case I need a second screen


@Grandaddy013 for a water cloned I use the gel it sticks to the stem wile in the water I use cloneX gel for my clones when I clone in water cloner I use a 20 site oxy cloner system if I want fast clones


What’s an oxy cloner?


It’s the name of the cloner I have I paid like 20 bucks for it from a friend that couldn’t get the concept of hydro and it’s normaly like 100-140 so I got it works nice when I’m marking clones for friends that need some or if I do a sea of green cose it dose up to 20 at a time but I love the gel it’s called cloneX even in the rapid rooters and I have a 97% success on clones I’ve had like 4 clones not make it out of the thousands I’ve made over the years I’ll take I pic of the box so u can see what it is lol


HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml

Is this it? @BigDaddyCain