Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Remember they will double in size in 3weeks after flipping. And did u trim all that is under scrog bows the time to hit here with that massive pre flower trim if u flip in a week gives it enough time to heal from the assault she is going to get


I’m waiting to trim under their skirts until after stretch, at which point I will take my clones @BigDaddyCain


I think I will go ahead and get some of the leaves under their skirts because of what you said


@Grandaddy013 any time you are rdy to flip u need to do whatever heavy trim u need to do with a week before flip makes for a healthy flower phase. And after week 3 i do mild trim till week 5 then I only remove yellowing leaves so no extra stress for last 3-4 weeks of flower


I’m on day 15 or 16 so I got pistils everywhere I’m doing a defol and taking a few few clones before they get to far into flower I dont wanna mo ster crop again and drop so.e seeds fo a new lineage @LoCoRock gonna need to see ya soon you got any seeds hommie


My bad wrong thread granddaddy


Hey @peachfuzz. Will 2" netpots work for my clones?


How long do you plan on keeping them in there?
This is where things get tricky… lol
Let me explain… :grin:
The longer that the plants are in the system , the bigger the rootball is going to get and if alls you have is a 2" hole , you will never be able to get them out with out destroying the roots…
That’s why I move them from system to system , plants and roots are allowed to grow together without out growing the system…
Your answer is going to be at least a 5 " to 6" net pot , with that size hole you will be able to squeeze the rootball together enough to get it out of the hole in your lid…
but heres your second problem … :grin:
When you pull the plant out of that system to put into your final system and your rootball is the size of a 3 gallon bucket , how will you support the plant if theres no room for any clay balls ?
Also if you try to jam all of those roots into another net basket that’s a little bit bigger , you take the chance of suffocating the plant because the roots won’t be able to get much oxygen and they won’t be able to reach the water level at that point… lots of factors to think about…
That’s why I cut the bottom out of each new pot that I move the plant too , so that , that don’t happen , but if you do that , now the net basket won’t be able to hold any clay balls , hence the neoprene collars I use for plant support… :wink:
That’s why I say after all of these years I finally built the best system’s for my needs and space and quality and yields… it took alot of trial and error to get where I’m at , but now that things are like clock work , it was all worth it…
Your just going to have to play with things a little bit to get things right where you want them…
The best advice I can give is to treat it like building a house… try to look ahead into the future before you start the next step of the build to make sure that there will be no problems with your plan so that you can fix them before going any farther with your build… :wink:


Yeah, I just got 50 2" netpots. I can just trash them. Didn’t know if I could just cut the bottom out when they got roots and put the whole thing in a bigger netpot or not. Back to the drawing board. Guess I should have asked you this before I bought them, but nooooooo, ivhad to listen to the pregnant drunk chick​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Can I just start my clones in the rapid rooters and put them in my bigger netpots when they get roots?


I pot mine in rapid rooters I don’t like Rockwool holds to much water then when they root I put them in a net top and that’s where they stay if u look at the pics on my current grow that’s the system I’m useing now I’m probly going to switch it up a bit for next grow


Thanks Big Daddy


Heck yeah. New reflectors, exhaust fan, grow tent


It’s just going to be a pain in the @ss to get all of those roots through the 2" hole… lol
I wouldn’t trash them … they might come in handy later… :wink:



Yea man I think you’d be able to maybe put electrical tape up.the sides so no roots come out the side only out the bottom for the bubbler… then you can cut off the the side and be left with the roots that grew the bottomed grid… leave the grid on and through the whole thing int ok the new final home I think itll be fine… I mean they grow whole life through them holes it wont hurt to have 2 inches more or modify the net pot before you put in the cuts for cloning I usually see when you put the clones in them bubbles the root comes out like a string first well if the stem 8s thinking through and down into the water you would definatley be able to cut it out not damaging a single root since all root will be below the bottom of the net pot grid


Should have ordered sockets for new reflectors. Mine didn’t fit. Will order in the morning. Went ahead and flipped lights.


Ahh u need that weird converter


First time purchase…6 days from time I sent cash. I’m in Fl.


Not the plug, where the light socket attaches to the reflector. It just comes with a cord which will plug into my ballast. New reflectors did not come with light socket, and hole pattern was different.


I remembered why I got the 2" net pots. I’m going to cut the basket part off, and just use the top for my neoprene disc to set in, inside the holes in top of the bubble cloner I’m going to build. These new reflectors are HUGE. Do you think they will make things better?