Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Exsesive… what that be considered cuz I follow 1 teaspoon per gallon everytime except this last one after the potassium def… I did a nice flush and and sprayed with that root dip foliar spray with humic rare earth and enzymes… and I dont have one plant that looks unhappy from tons of water because I sprayed em all afterwords I even slapped em around a little while flushing and not one place t qith sign of shock they almost look as tho they had a growth spurt!


Then a little BDSM


@peachfuzz I have a bag of 50 rapid rooters. Are they acceptable for clones?


I use rapid rooters and have a 97% success rate so yes use them. And on other question to much is just as bad as not enough if ur in hydro do a 3 day mini flush then add nuits that should fix the lockout your having also manganese (Mn) looks like potassium def but manganese is a hard one to get up I use garden epsom salt that will give u the mag and manganese with some sulfur and that’s a natural way to get some of the problems ur haveing better


I’m not sure what the percentage of calcium or magnesium would be required to lockout potassium. Just know that I’ve read it can happen, and offered a suggestion as to why you were applying potassium but seeing a deficiency.


After you get your clones rooting in the rapid rooters, do you put them in net pot?


Ok @peachfuzz. How bout walking me through this. I’m going to make a cloner using airstones. I will cut my clones and place into the rapid rooters, and cut end will be submersed in water. What then? Do I just put them in net pot and into my system once they establish roots?


Yep after I see roots I put in netty pot with a top feed drip system then when the roots hit water I cancel out the top feeder


@dbrn32 did a nice flush with tap water and added 3/4 strength at a larger amount… I was experimenting with a diff watering technique but life is just to busy for that many I just wasent giving enough I was trying to not soak soil I wanted to keep a little bit dry always to help with uptake but I think I’m abandoning that probally had something to do with it…they were definatley finding the nitrogen but yea that humic and rare earth foliar is great for super cropped plant 0 shock


When you put the clone in the rapid rooters, does the stem stick out the bottom?


No the stem stay inside


@YourBasicWhiteBoy this is my journal


Got my piping rerouted yesterday

Changed out my circulation pump

And moved my chiller

In order to make room for the tent I ordered this morning. Got water everywhere and made a mess. Got to clean up and organize wires. Probably run a couple of more circuits. Ordering 2 of the High Yield Big Daddy reflectors from HLG today. They measure 36x36. I’m thinking this will give me a larger footprint at a closer distance. When it’s time to clean out under their skirts, I’ll get my Monster Crop clones started. I’m getting excited.
@peachfuzz @dbrn32


Me too haha!


@Countryboyjvd1971 I have a 13x13 room that I’m growing in. Is a 740cfm exhaust fan sufficient?


These are the reflectors I’m getting


Your still in veg …monster crop clones are lard buds getting cloned more or less you’ll have nice vigorous vegetative clones I’m not taking my clones till after 20 days from flip was not worth time to tell veg deep floweri g clomes


Tied them bitches down again today. Used nearly 100 ties.

I’m thinking I might flip lights this weekend. What do you think Sinsei @peachfuzz


IDE say yes flip in next 1-2 weeks or you will run out of scrog room. The way I did it when I’m not lazy and do a scrog I flip when a little more then half the scrog is full and seems to get good results with a full scrog


That’s what I was thinking