Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Yes has to be higher then the water level


Here you go @peachfuzz @BigDaddyCain



Had to start scrogging the other one today and do more tying down on the first one


Lookin good brother…
going to talk to a lender for my house tonight…
Keep your fingers crossed for me…
Hopefully I can keep my grow room… lol … :joy: and the house too I guess… :wink:



Hope it works out for you man , fingers ,toes, eyes and whatever else crossed for you @peachfuzz


@BigDaddyCain I just started scrogging these a few days ago


Hell yea bro there taking off …my mc clones are now I consider full vegged again because now I’m getting shoots on every node right after they pop so I’d co sider this vigorous

got em undunder 800 vegging now trtrying to get your leauge…like really on the bottom picture which shoot would you consider the top lol


Ok topping is done to main stem don’t top side shoots u can fim the side shoots I did a full topping on all shoots and was worse thing I ever did was good buds but no size or weight to them that is what I have called my popcorn grow it worked but lost a ton of weight so now I top once and remove side shoots that aren’t going to make it to canopy. Here’s a pic of my current grow I’ll just show the topping point this isn’t my thread I also find it easier to top young and u get this look I topped these 17 days after they popped from seed

Also if u wanna try something I’ve done it but takes a bit more work and you have to scrog it is a manifold. It is a really cool set up and then u can top the side shoots to because all the side shoots in a manifold setup are main cola shoots I’ll see if I have pics from that long ago also that was back in my dirt growing days lol.


And that looks good spot for the pump just strap it some how to the milk crate so it doesn’t vibrate off and cause dmg @Grandaddy013


Those are monster crops no topping all lst… these however have been heavily altered an manipulated

thanks for the tips tho… I found that out last round this is a seed mmonster cookies I just fold the top down and super crop … the bigger girls are clones 3 month veg and bad lighting for a while cfl… but now I got em under serious light these highly trimmed ones. Have regained there main cola size ability and all have atleast 4 to 12 main colas nothing gonna be to straggly they are on day 10 or so… there all clones :wink: expect orange pipe cleaners is monster cookies


Hehheheeh. Photobombd by the toes


@peachfuzz do you feel that the 27gal totes have adequate room for the roots? I was looking at the 38gal totes, and just wondering if they would be better or not.


It wouldn’t hurt to go with the bigger totes if you have the room… but I look at it this way…
I’ve grown monster trees in 5 gallon buckets and at 27 gallons I’m only 3 gallons short of space for 6 plants… but I’m growing trees with only 27 gallons of space…in my situation it don’t seem to matter… when I harvest theres still room in the totes for more roots if they wanted to grow them… :grin:



I thought that was your signature move purp.


Does anyone know if switching from Organics To synthetics grow nutrients will cause any kind of deficiencies I’m having a phosphorus deficiency but my veg nutes that I’m using now are a 10 in phosphorus which are higher than my grow big from Fox Farm I just did a full flush and I’m going to reintroduce at half strength no full strength I’ve been using full-strength but you no flushing so maybe they had something messing them up keeping them from absorbing phosphorus… hopefully this first will do something for me I should check my run off pH huh well report back soon


Shit thought that was my journal my bad I’ll re right… jus kidding I wanted attention


I would imagine that the plants get used to one thing then switching might cause some stuff to show up. Just like switching lights takes them some getting used to. I am just guessing of course. A flush then back to the half strength is probably a good idea.


I was at full strength before and it wasn’t picking up the potassium in needed which is at 10 on my mpk so I’m going to go back to full strength and see what I’m doing was that one and a half dose of cal-mag get some good stuff back in there devil up the SFL


So what I’m getting ar it’s not burning tips so it’s not to much


Assuming your ph was good, I believe excessive levels of calcium and/or magnesium can lockout potassium as well.