Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


I get a kick out of the difference to that’s y first grow I had 5 strains lol. You think I could ga pound off a screen with a 400 and multiple plants


It’s a 2x4 screen


I used to only get 1/2 to 3/4 a gram per watt when I was in soil… once I figured out hydro , I stepped up my game and once I built the perfect system for the way I wanted to do things and the amount of time that I had for this and was able to max out the amount of space that I have… I stepped over that magical gram per watt line big time… I didn’t really think it was possible back in the day… :wink:
Long story short , I don’t tell anybody that they can’t do something… anything is possible…
Setting things up to work for you and your environment and good genetics is key… :wink:



You are a friggin growing machine bro. Wowowowow. Everytime i get a peek at in ur tent im amazed. The size and speed of ur grows are crazy


Sorry @Grandaddy013 one more photo bom… :grin:
@PurpNGold74 this is table #2…3 weeks and a day or so since light flip … will be emptying out everything and adding all new nutrients for the next stage of growth this weekend…
I still need to go in and clean everything underneath there skirts and take a bunch of clones… :grin:



@peachfuzz they look nice question is the netting raiser for hydro I tried it In soil and hated every min of it to the point I took it off mid grow but now in hydro the plan is to try it again but is it worth it to possibly be that aggravated at the set up again


I use a Scrog on my hydro. I’ve never grown in soil, so I can’t say it’s easier, but I would think it would be


I haven’t Scrog in years like I said it was a pain in the a with soil cose u need to move plants sometimes in soil it was just to much work for not a good reason but my hydro setup I don’t have to move plants at all


If your not going to be moving plants around or trying to get into your buckets for anything… then I would definitely scrogg… that’s all I do now… when I get lazy and don’t put up the nets I end up paying for it big time… yield suffers and some parts of the plants will die off because all of the buds will be laying all over one another… not good… :wink:



Kk well it’s to late to scrog this one but I’m going to have to build one and try it again on next grow ty @peachfuzz




Big booty Judy ain’t tall enough yet


Gotta put da paws on em :joy: wicked crop


I love a good scrog.:call_me_hand:t2:


Wow nice supercropping! You Did an awesome job :wink:


Break er down and load er like a shotgun brother. HELL YEAH! Whoop it good…


Open sesame


And 2 days later, she’s begging for more


@peachfuzz is this better


No… they need to be higher then your water line , so above the trash cans… :wink:



When you say water “line” I thought you meant the pipe. Obviously you are talking about the water level. Is that correct?