Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


I always appreciate your input


@fano_man I use the Maxi series of GH. It’s a powder, so it’s cheaper. I start with 1/4 of feeding schedule and work up to 1/2 strength. @bryan is using the Grow More line of powdered nutes. I run approximately 50gal in my system. I MIGHT change it once in veg and no more than every 2weeks in flower. The liquid fertilizers are much more expensive


I did a lot of research before deciding to try GrowMore. It was 100% about cost of nutes. Half price of Maxi Series . A bonus, for me, is no Ca, Mg are in dry mix. I like to have the control


Also on another note, I have never grown in soil, but from what I’ve seen people post about their PPM’s, you use a lot higher ppm in soil. I don’t hardly go over 1000ppm. I’ve seen soil growers post PPM’s over 2000


@fano_man my setup is a satellite deal in that it’s not where I live. I go every 2 or 3 days (as long as everything is going good) to check on things. I know I don’t have the most efficient setup, but I will be building a new setup similar to Uncle @peachfuzz. I will not abandon the system I have. I will run it in addition to the other one. The sole purpose of this system is to see how much I can do with ONE plant


I agree on PPMs. My highest was at 1250 and my water averages 250 alone. So 1000 ppm is about right for me.


Girls are chugging along. I ordered an additional ballast for back up. They just delivered it. Next time one goes out, I won’t have to wait for replacement


And what is your current assessment of the Grow More line of nutes?
Inquiring minds want to know


I am liking the nute line so far. It is more of a “bare bones” npk and a few micro nutrient. No Ca, Mg, or bacteria’s added. I like being able to mix my own in, so I know exactly what it likes. Let em get dry, then water and 2 days later you can see if it worked cuz they suck up only what I give them.


Are you using it in hydro also?


Sounds like a soil response waits for it to.get dry… well I went ahead and made a second flower veg room in a closet and it’s up and running and perfect ppl in the convo… i know peach and grandaddy both use harvest pro if I’m not mistaken i have a 400 harvest pro in a e39 mogul identical to the fixture of the new 400 apollo but the 4000k bulb i had was havinging a lil trouble keeping it lit… i plugged it into the apollo and it works like better then it ever did …weird…apollo better or harvest pro I have may be defective?


I have Vivosun


@peachfuzz how big are your Scrog nets?


I’m going out tonight to check on things … I’ll get measurements of my tables and hoods for sure… last time I was out there I couldn’t find my tape measure… :wink:
But I’m pretty sure they are 40 inches by 5 or 6 feet … will let you know for sure tonight…


Well … I’m kinda shocked…
My hoods are 33 inches by 36 inches and my tables are 3’ x 4’ exactly… I thought that both were bigger… heres a pic of the hood…

I’m really surprised that I’m able to pull a little over 2 lbs with a 3’ x 4’ table…


Size light @peachfuzz


600 watt magnetic hps… :wink:



Little photo bom … 4 weeks and a day or so since light flip…ph was 5.5 and ppm was 589… just added 6 gallons of water ph’d to 6 and 0 ppm…



I’ll drop some likes on those!


Heres a cool pic… it’s a pic of my (cali fruity kush) on the right and a cross from some plants that were in my flower room , I think it’s a cross of an ilgm white widow and juicy fruit… it’s on the left… both are in the same system …:grin:

I think it’s cool how they are so different… :grin: