Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Ahh I gotcha your way over sized for what your using


You could do 4 plants in a 10 gallon tote no?


Exactly. I have plans for later on that will expand my growing using the same reservoir. So it was easier to build it with that in mind upfront.


Not super huge plants


I don’t know. To me that’s awfully small. But it looks like @peachfuzz is here. He might’ve tried smaller.


Lol you see peach lurking too lmaooo


Spit it out peach I always like your 2 cents


Hold on , hold on…
So in vegg I add nutrients every 3 weeks and only top off with good ph’d water through out those 3 weeks… for 5 gallons of water …
All measurements are to a gallon of water
6 mill gh grow
4 mill gh micro
2 mill gh bloom
3 mill gh cal-mag
2 mill diamond nectar
1 mill armor si
2 mill hydrogard
1 mill orca
1 mill hormex

For flower I have a 17 gallon system and I siphon out everything every 3 weeks and add new , but I change the recipe each time and only top off with good ph’d water through out… so for a 12 week flowering period , i only feed 4 times so really not that many nutrients… granted , I buy my nutrients by the gallon or 5 depending on what I’m getting … I can post my flower nutrient schedule if you want… :wink:



Spot on bro makes sejce now I was wondering like what the hell is going on here doob likes to do things big …ain’t you from Texas any way doob lol


He’s a Sooner bro


I dont know … my plants are doing pretty good… quick photo bom…

Table #1 almost 4 weeks since light flip and pics were taken yesterday… :wink:


Table #2 and almost 3 weeks since light flip… :grin:



And here’s a pic of both tables… :grin:

I will be filling table #3 either next week or the following week… plants in vegg are getting out of control so more than likely next week… :grin:



I was gonna say, doob’s way is probably a little over the top for most. But running an extremely small res will be exactly opposite. There is probably a more happy medium. But if you follow the 5 gallon dwc growers they are usually adjusting ph daily by mid flower. Root mass takes up enough room that there’s only a few gallons of solution in them, and plant demands hit the solution hard quickly.


Exactly… but if you hook that same 5 gallon bucket up to a rdwc then you have way more water capacity and roots can do whatever they want… :wink:
In vegg , I could care less about environment or plant happiness or anything else for that matter… they will always bounce back and if they don’t , than I didn’t want to grow them anyways… :grin:



Agreed. If I didn’t have expansion plans in the future mine would be about half this size. But my plans will need the extra water. :grin:


I’m down with that. From my perspective it doesn’t make any difference. But I’d rather see anyone trying be setup for success. Be it through running multiple containers in a recirculating system or a little larger container in dwc.


@dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie
Ya I have been at this for some time… it’s really a matter of using your space and environment to figure out what you can do… then you work around that to make things easier on you…
My system is basically plug and play now that I got everything figured out… I just keep my environment in check and monitor ph and ppm only in flower… that’s it… :wink:



Trust me… I’ve tried so many different things that I have forgotten alot of the things I’ve already tried… lol
This hobby is neverending for sure… always looking for the next best thing… :grin:
Sorry @Grandaddy013 didn’t mean to clutter your thread my man… :wink:


For a first run in my setup I think it was fantastic. I had a lot of learning to do and I worked out a few bugs. Realized I need to make a few changes but nothing major. And for the most part it was really low maintenance being so large meant no fluctuations. So cost effective? No. But simple to use for sure. And I’ve got the capacity to add a ebb and flow system or nft and not have multiple reservoirs later which I’m planning on.