Gold Leaf

This is my first goldleaf journey. It’s about 5-7 weeks and 12" tall. The leaves have all the gold flecks and I’m not sure if it’s strain, stress, or what…The new growth looks good. Just wondering if I need to change anything or if it’s supposed to be like this.

It looks like a nutrient deficiency. Maybe manganese or potassium, most likely. It could be zinc or phosphorous deficient, or it could be a combination of any or all of these. What is the pH at the root zone? What are you feeding it? A pH too far out of optimal range could be causing a nutrient lock-out or the soil and or feeding regimen might need more to keep the plant happy.

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if maybe that’s why it’s called “Goldleaf” the other 3 look fine.

I think the leaves do go yellow or gold quickly during flowering, but again, in late flower, and not all spotted like that, more of an overall yellowing.

How is your grow? Just letting you know that we got the support forum back up and running, and we can resume your discussion. Sorry for the long wait, and any inconvenience you have endured, Peace

Hey can anybody tell me what it ended up being? I have the same strain and same problem… Also how long and how much is the stretch after the switch? I have a scrog, tryin to figure out when to switch…

We do not know what happened to this member. :frowning: However; As mentioned above, if there are spots it could be a lot of things.

post pics, then we can see

Gold leaf is a very tall plant to grow in limited space I have a 4×4×7 box I built with 400w sunburst I grew one gold leaf and one white widow in Dwc started with grow big then switched to connisuer a/b they both did great the gold leaf was to the light at 3 weeks into flower and w/w half that size both were developing great bud sights…unfortunately I had my box in the garage and I went on vacation to Galveston for 4 days…needless to say I came back to a DISASTER both were dried up, that was in sept. I have recently moved my box inside and will start a new grow soon with w/w and ak47…I have all confidence in the genetics I sent cash and all arrived without a hitch thank you will be ordering again I know any crop failure will be on me not the genetics thanks again lookin forward to the next grow

How tall were the Goldleaf when you switched them to flowering?

Approximately 16" and we’re topped twice it was a good lookin plant

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