Gold leaf with red trunk

So my babies are close to harvest but ever since i flipped one has developed almost completely red trunk and stems. The red travels all the way to the leaf stems. Shes been completely healthy other then an assumed phosphorus deficiency. ive read conflicting reports about the cause but never seen it this spread. Anyone else experienced this to this extreme?


I think some plants express this trait and if you finish with some cool nights you should see this color in your nugs.


Nothing to worry about


I see it a lot on my gg. They actually have red stripes. I hit heavy flower fuel and they fade a bit but never go away. Freaked me out first time but now as long as they look healthy i do not stress it.


I figures such cause shes happy. Ive been leaning towards genetics.


I think its a iron deficiency im pretty sure about or was a magnesium def i know it was either one of these .hey you were on the right track it is a phosphorus def i would make a banana and cucumber skin tea for ur plants both of are full of potassium and phosphorus great for flowering stage

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