Gold Leaf/ White Widow, Temperature change between day and night

12 Plants indoor, Spec’s. 16X12X12 cubic/ft. 2 HPS soft Red 2700 K. Start grow Feb. 24,2018.
8 white widow, 4 gold leaf. 4 gold leaf are over 6 feet and white widows plants are around 4 ft.

Flower stage has been for about 3 weeks, 6 hrs on -18 hours off. 80 during the day and 60 degrees Fahrenheit or less at night. Airflow 1,200 cubic ft/min. CO2 blasts once a day.

I’m trying to produce tighter flowers by keeping it cool at night. Has anyone tried this method with success. I’m only seeing a difference in bud size and plant size. Nothing on the nugs getting harder or tighter.

Plants on the right side of the photo are Gold Leaf, Left is white widow. Both plants are regular female, not auto flower.

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Welcome to ILGM! @dshropshall as far as the lower temperatures are concerned, usually it just brings out the colors, if any, phenotype pending. If you could keep it a little warmer at night they’ll thank you in the end.
As far as the tightness of the nugs, it has a lot to do with lighting intensity and adequate lighting. I’m not familiar with HPS and how much coverage they provide. (I’m a LED grower) @Donaldj might be able to provide a better answer for how many HPS you should need that space.
As they continue to flower, they will build a substantial amount in the end, if you wait for just the right time. Happy growing.


that on it’s own will result in tighter buds I would give them an extra 2-4 hours light and keep same temps would get result you desire and the light is when buds get energy to grow


There not auto’s… you should be 12/12 right now… plants are going crazy… I know all to well… you need to get them on a 12/12light schedule to get them to finish… :wink: