Gold leaf week 9 struggling

I just hit week 9 and 3 days. I put alittle heater in green house to keep temp about 65-70. Im using fox farms ocean soil. Nutrition pack from ilgm. Things are getting very heavy and very stinky. I feel I’m getting closer but not sure if I’m going to make it before thanksgiving lol. Any suggestions or what I did wrong. I used light for veg only 12/12 and when it started flowering aug 21st I only used sun light. Processing: 70CA7D32-45A8-4A20-9FA6-79E85C88555A.jpeg…
Uploading: FEA724A8-BED7-4268-9279-381950E77DA1.jpeg…
Uploading: 72B7ED8A-8B8D-457C-8235-8FDE92E96486.jpeg…
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Come back and try again to post the pics - gotta wait for them to finish uploading.


Those look gorgeous to me. I don’t think you did anything wrong. You’re just facing the challenge of growing outdoors with reduced hours of sunlight. She’ll get colder faster and struggle hard to ripen. I think @HippieRunner1 is a fellow outdoor/greenhouse grower and would be a good eye to get on your gal.

As for me, I’d be watching the trichomes daily and sharpening the shears.


Ok thank you. It’s looks amazing and smells sooo good. Just worried about being able to finish and not get ruined.

Should I turn light back on to give it 12 /12

I wouldn’t, but I’m just not a fan of changing the way nature does things.

If you were indoors, I’d say yes put her on 12/12, but since you’re not, I’d probably leave it alone.


Ok sounds good thank you

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That plant looks done already if you like a more ( up ) high rather than a stone. As the days get colder the terpines ( smells ) etc will improve. The bud will slow down growth and mass will not get much bigger. A few nights below freezing isnt a bad thing. Just keep an eye out for any signs of bud rot, or powdery mildew. At tge first signs of that, at this stage of maturity, I would harvest. Also as the days shorten and get cooler, water way less, the plant doesn’t need much moisture anymore.


Great work with the grow. She looks great! I would probably chop here down if I were you. I wouldn’t manipulate the nature light cycle. It kinda changes the chemistry of the plant structure when growing outdoors.
Sometimes we have to listen to the weather and chop accordingly. Even when we feel like it may be alittle to soon. It sure makes for an interesting product. Each year is slightly different.
Fantastic work overall. Looks great!

Happy farming…


Ok thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. I was thinking I’m going to harvest this weekend.

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