Gold leaf veg and first attempt at cloning

Coo coo. Where should i top? The top 2?

Are you Planning to LST Them? The object is to spread outward as they grow to help them become shorter and more like a bush compared to a Christmas tree

Yes i was gonna lst. I like short and bushy better. Just never topper twice and dont know where to top a second time

You have to wait until the top you did splits into two and grow some length so that you can do the same to them that you just did… maybe after a week or so maybe more. There is no right and wrong way to get where your going.

I already topped once. The pic of goldleaf i posted earlier, the 2 bud sights coming in is the topped area. Its already growing. But ive never topped twice and dont know if im suppose to top the new growth on both topped branches or what. Hard to explain… like ur first topping turns to 2 branches, does that mean top both new braches or just one

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Yes you top them both, 2 will make 4. If you choose to top again it would leave 8 new nodes. As you could see on my MG i now can begin to top the nodes in attempt to try and keep the canopy even. So i never got to topping the main colas more than twice! Most times only once!

Coo. Yea i haven’t found the info i want on topping twice but what i have read has negative thoughts towards a second topping. Saying u lose out on total weight or end up with small buds. So im not sure if i should leave it the way it is or go ahead and top the 2 branches grown from the first top.

Never top, FIM then net.

example. These are the new tops from the original topping and wondering what would be best for these tops or leave it alone

I dont really have room for a net. I have limited space and 5 plants going total. 2x4 space. If i was in a legal state then i would have more and better set up.

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under the new llight

You can LST them to the side they will continue to grow but side ways vs upward. No not where you indicated. If you did decide to its at the very top of each of those two tops. Fim NOT top as you did to make the clone. Thats where the confusion is i believe.

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She looks very healthy and i feel she will do well how ever you decide to proceed. Keep doing what your doing.

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I was gonna start doing lst once the branches got a little longer. The gold leaf keep stretching through flowering so i wanna train it to stay short(er) never grew super skunk before so im not sure how it grows. If i were to lst now wjere do i start? Main stem?

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I have 2 goldleaf clones, the mother, and 2 superskunk seedlings. I might not even have enough space for them all

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there. heres my clone. Still looks good

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I can not tell that you haven’t LST you have done a excellent job on Her, the Clone in the cup once it double in size transplant then the LST can start the training. Looking good!

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i have lst’d before. This plant was my first grow cheese, it was the first plant i lst’d but my current plants only the second time doing it


I see, very nice! My previous grow of Mujica Gold went well allowing me to pull my last two out at reboot the grow! Still have plenty to last to the new harvest date! I have heard and seen them use clear cups for seeds and clones then place inside of colored cup. That way you can lift the clear cup to check root growth without them being in the light long.

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@Chasworks By reboot the grow u mean reveg the plant u harvested?