Gold leaf too small to flower?


She’s sitting about 10" tall, 30 days of veg so far. Just switched to 12/12. About 5-6 layers of leaves. I feel like everyone else’s plant look bigger when switching to flower. Using mars 400w led, was about 18" away. Kept at same distance for flower.



I would say too early for flowering in my opinion.

But really depends on your space limitations.

Is that hydro?


I have about 7’ height. Just growing for myself, smoke only few times a month so not looking for killer yield, just a quick oz or so. It’s in a half gallon pot and roots not popping out of bottom, growing in soil. Humidity in around 60-70% depending on the day. Temp is 75. I’m on day 6 of flower switch. Should I go back to 18/6? I noticed she really only grow after I water. Been watering once every 5 days or so. I also just put it in a box to have more light capture. I do have a fan.



First of all- if you want any decent yield you need to get her out of the 1/2 gal pot. For photo plants most would recommend 3 gallon minimum but preferably a 5 gal. She may not be showing roots out the bottom but she will most certainly be rootbound once flowering truly begins. I would recommend going back into Veg and transferring her into a bigger pot. But it’s just my opinion. I’m growing for myself too- but you best believe if I’m taking the time and effort to grow- I want to maximize my yield.

What kind of soil/ nutrients are you using?


I have 5 gal fabric pots ready to transfer, just roots weren’t showing so was taking my time to transfer. Using roots organics potting soil, dyna grow 7-9-5 mixed 1/8 tsp per gal. I feel like she’s undersized for her age when I look at other plants. Not sure if my light too close, too far, lack of tent mattered, or under watering. She never wilts, but again only seems to grow after a watering, so it seems like 1 inch per week. Any advice? I’ll probably go back to veg, see if I can get her bigger. Also I need to up my nutes I think, I was told to start 1/3 of prescribed, but being a little more mature I can up it is guess.


Why would you switch her to flower being that small still?


Because I had read around 30 days veg to switch. So that’s what I did. But after looking at other pics mine just seemed maybe half the size of others. She looks healthy, just small. Any opinion on light distance for the mars hydro II 400w? Instructions say 18-24 for veg, I’m right at 18". Anything else glare out as to why she could be undersized?



Yeah start slow with the nutes for sure.

I can almost guarantee that when you transplant her she is going to take off. Just because the roots don’t pop out- doesn’t mean she’s isn’t getting rootbound. If her roots have no room to grow- she’s not going to be able to grow up top either. Also you shouldn’t transplant once you get to flowering. So the sooner you get her into that fabric pot the better.

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@Ray4x, good advice I really do appreciate it! I’ll try transplanting to bigger pot, see if that helps her take off. Already reset the light timer. Anything else you think could be stunting it? Can the led be too close? I always assumed the more light the better as long as she’s not burning.



Our exactly right about the light. The more the better as long as it isn’t burning.

I truly believe it’s your pot that’s stunting it. I think if you get it into the 5gal and give it like 4 more weeks- you’ll be happy you did.


I really can’t offer advice, but it looks healthy. It is my understanding that the plant can sorta sense how big the pot is and will keep itself small accordingly. So even though I am new to all this I think she will respond better if she feels she has room. I am growing my first plant, an auto dwarf and she is short but kinda bushy for a small girl. She is 40 days now an is not flowering yet…but I think it will be any time now. I have learned here that plants, even of the same variety, can differ greatly too. Maybe give her a bigger pot, and see what you think of her in a couple weeks. Even if she is going to be a small girl, you haven’t lost anything by waiting. I’ll be watching to see how she works out. Good luck!


I use the flower power nutrients and you only veg for a month using those as long as you keep up on your feedings you should be fine


@Ray4x she’s in the 5 gal, watered, and back to 18/6. The bottom was root bound. Good call guys. She did look like there was a start of a flower, should I top it?



No need to top unless you want to (although I would give her a couple days to recoup from the transplant).

She should go back into veg no problem. I know some people turn their light to 12/12 to see the sex of their plant if they’re unsure. Once they see it’s a female- back to 16/8 to continue to veg, but if they see nuts- then it’s :scissors:

If she was rootbound- give her a week and you’re gonna see some crazy growth.


She will be so much happier in that bigger pot


All of these guys with good info.

In the future, make sure you get that transplant in at least a few days before you flip. And I agree that 30 days is plenty if everything goes well usually. You can veg longer, but for your goals a month should be solid.


You have 7ft though!!! Let her veg for like 3 more weeks at least. Give her like 5 days to recover from transplant the top her n give her like another week then switch. I understand not trying to get alot n just get it quick, but another two or three weeks n a topping will probably double your yield… Then you’ll have mad buds to smoke on while you grow a 7ft tall monster (:


My 1 month veg 5 gallon smart pot flower power nutrients


What soil are you in?


Promix bx :wink: