Gold Leaf TOG (Tent O' Green)

What holiday falls between Christmas and New Years? Why, it’s Hash Wednesday, of course! :slight_smile:


now im just plum jelly kushpa!!! nice looking product indeed! enjoy!:sunglasses:

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WOW!! First taste of Gold Leaf hash, BAZONGA!!!

Robert aint kiddin’, this is the SHIT!


Starting the New Year off right with a little Gold Leaf stem tea to sip during the football games! :slight_smile:


So is this an actual thing? Lol never heard of this :v:t3:


that is called getting every drop of good from your plants. i have heard of making butter with stems,but tea is more up my alley!!lol


I watched a Jane Dro video on it. Mostly CBD benefit.


So I’m smoking my can grow, and it’s okay, but it’s not killer. I’m thinking maybe I harvested too early.

First off, YES, I KNOW, CHECK THE TRICHROMES, but please just accept the fact that I can’t, and have to rely on other methods for this one.

I harvested this one at 76 days. I can only get about 10x magnification, so I could t tell the difference between clear or milky, but I’d read an article for a magazine review where they harvested Gold Leaf at 67 days, and I was afraid of waiting too long.

Now I’m reading articles saying go at LEAST 12 weeks, maybe 13, and if you go 14, it’ll still be killer.

Anybody else got flower times to compare? And I’m counting Day 1 as the day I switch the lights off for 36 hours before starting the 12/12.

My tent of Gold Leaf is at 10 weeks (71 days today), and I’ll be out of town the weekend I hit Week 12. I’m wondering if I should go ahead and harvest before I leave (Day 81), or wait until I get back (Day 85). Also, I’ll probably be able to pick up a jeweler’s loop on my vacation.



I’m Looking forward to the answer. Gold Leaf is my next grow. Very interesting thread.

Either way it pans out, I’d like to see your trichomes when you get a lens

It’s heady, but doesn’t last long and no couch lock. The description sounds like an early harvest, no?


Yes I’d say yes early harvest


It’s like 3 weeks into the cure, so it may just not be ready quite yet.


3 weeks should be close to enough time if properly cured

I’ve got 8 plants, so I think I’ll just cut them on a stagger and take notes. Sometimes it just takes a little chat with some other folks to figure out the obvious! :wink:

For the record, the buds are so fat that they’re falling over, especially when they get low on water! I’ll try to post some pics soon. :slight_smile:

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This would be cool to see :+1:

My tent with a couple of the fat buds:


Looking yummy :yum:
Brother nice job

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I was just about a week or so short on my cure. It’s doing juuuuuuust fine now. :sunglasses:

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