Gold Leaf started


photo day!!

my sacrificial clones, the operating room and the recovery room

and my girls, the runt…

I woke up to a broken branch on the runt…I had put a weight on it, too heavy in hindsight :wink:…I brought them back together and a shower curtain hook is holding it tight

the joint that broke

and the top flower, this happened two days ago

and the growth in a scrog overcoat


Looking good @kabongster
You only have the one plant under net ?
I need to big my scrog net real soon my ssh are getting really bushy and I’m hoping to do the whole tent in a scrog will see how I make out when I build it up
Keep up the good work brother


yes, one plant is under the screen, the runt is squeezed up next to it…the screen will extend upwards, too.

thanks brother

oh yeah, a view from my recliner!! the latest upgrade


Oh man. NOw I’m just super jealous :unamused:
Hahahaha your have the best set up hahahaha
Just added a recliner to my wish list lol
Who’s better then you @kabongster


I’m lucky my situation allows me the option of no odor control required…the people visiting know, my wife and I are used to it…though that can change anytime.

the plants need music now…it’s too industrial sounding with just the fans…and everyone knows the plants respond, I just have to find what they like.


Your a lucky man bro


Mine aren’t getting much cultural stimulation currently but I picked up a Bose Color sound link in the summer of 2015 to pair with my mobile and use out in the garden. Mine like everything from bebop piano trio like Joey Alexander or Tommy Flannagan, classic rock like The Beatles, Zeppelin, and Rare Earth, americana like John Prine, Shakey Graves, and First Aid Kit. They wilt at the sound of anything on the Billboard charts

Sounds like you’ve got a very comfortable, low stress setup there as well.


I fed my pseudo scrog plant yesterday…a 1250 ppm meal (grow, micro, bloom, mammoth p)…she looks good today.
I’ll be feeding the runt tomorrow, same menu, at a 25% Grow, 100% Micro, 200% Bloom recommended dose.

my clone cuttings aren’t dead, 4 days under the dome.


@kabongster I ordered some gold leaf last Friday
Just following you lead my friend lol
And I put a scrog screen on my ssh tent over the weekend


I save my Gold Leaf for the evenings…it’s my dessert.

I tried a wake and bake with it…a few times, lol…and I was back in bed for another hour plus.

Are there scrog screen pics? @Countryboyjvd1971


I’ll post some in a bit and tag you bro I used some gardenfence I had around should work well ?


my girls, after a feeding yesterday…the Gold Leaf was starting to look too Gold…I gave them a feeding with Cal Mag and mammoth P, ppm was 1575 and pH was 6.4…it was a standard Micro, Grow, Bloom mix, no Lucas this time… to green them up a bit

and my outdoor green house frame, survived the winter

and finally scrog screen version 2.0, 24" x 36"


Looking good @kabongster
You been a busy boy lol
Your green house is a nice size
I was actually talking to my wife yesterday about getting one :point_up:
To my surprise she didn’t hit me lol
You have a top for it or do you just use plastic?
The gold leaf is under net or they both gold leaf ?


the plastic is rolled up in, stored in the garage…I’ll take it out soon, see if it survived the winter or if mice found it and made a home…when it’s not useful, I’ll replace it with store bought plastic.

both are Gold Leaf…the runt is now outgrowing the screened plant…


Nice :+1: I ordered some last week
so It nice to see it growing with out actually doing the work
What the demensions on your green house
Can you roll side up to keep it cooler in mid summer?


it’s a 6’ x 10’ I think…the plastic can be rolled up, it has to be for my area…under the plastic got too hot, just watering the plants with a hose had me sweating.


I’m looking at this one what you think I would set it in full sun as well ???


that’s a great size…when your wife really gets mad at you, run power and you could live out of it for the summer!

you could set up a fan inside to stir the air.

@Willd had a post for helping plants flower sooner outside…one point I recall was place the tent for an earlier sunset, it can help the plants bud and finish sooner…so early morning sun, late afternoon shade…grow indicas

I have an outdoor outlet from a swimming pool long gone…I would have to move my tent to the middle of the yard, not the best location for privacy but near the power…


Hahaha that might be why she agreed so fast
No power I would be putting it on back half of property 2 acres away from house where it super private so in full view nobody will see unless you fly over head :+1:
I’ll get with @Willd as well I know he grows in them up in Maine


that is a good size, lots of room to move, use the space or not, grow 3 plants or 15…if I moved my tent in the yard to use the power, that’s all you’d see is the tent…I could live like that but dunno my wife and visitors…