Gold Leaf started


I am considering just a pvc screen laying on the top…I enjoyed putting my set up together tho and am still playing with designs, my limitations are connectors I could use at angles not made or 3 & 4 way connectors.

The $30 in parts came out of my lights fund…and for another $10-$15, I can make a second.

You built a shed and I put a scrog screen together in the same amount of time, lol


LoL I just picked up 2 more t5’s 10 drip emitters and tubing to set up auto watering for my soil plants and mothers gravity feed so just mix fill res and let it do it’s thing no need to fumble around screen when I want to flush I just over fill res and let her go drain pans few times under my plants :wink:
flow rate 2gph slow enough to saturate without spill over and rinse through soil top to bottom


and I picked up more pvc pipe and I have nearly completed a cage around me, double glued…I may not get out till Christmas…HELP!!!


Lol :joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grinning::wink:


guess you will have to harvest your way free :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve created a pvc Fortress of Solitude in my cellar for my superhero alter ego

“Of all the heroes in legend and song, there’s none as brave as El Kabong”

with only four glued points…it can be reconfigured


so you threw a crystal and shit just kinda happened from there I can go with that :wink:
think I do that everyday start with an idea and next thing you know it’s evolved into something far more elaborate


the crystal did something, but I threw it😉

It’s my Lincoln log set or my Lego build your own scrog…good times, and you’re right, I’m ready to get more and build a 4 x 4 scrog with options…after I get more mycorrhizae and another light and more supplements…


here’s the extension to my Spread Out Screen, at the moment it’s just slowing the bigger plant down to the smaller one’s speed exposing some growth tips/bud sites/secondary branches…my SOS grow…I may add the same type extension to the back, but not right now, it’s almost movie time, a 9:30AM showing of “Logan”.


Why you don’t construct the screen for the size of the inner square feet of the whole tent instead of one plant , same concept but four legs to fit in the four corners of the tent and than run your tubing in a square with the t joints and than string it about 3 inches apart in squares , and another thing for as movies invest in the Amazon Fire stick and add the Kodi app add on in settings , you can follow the tuturial on YouTube for the app but you can watch all newly release movies right at home on the fire stick .


this was a concept, just an idea as a movable, expandable single plant scrog device with extending legs.

everyone is welcome to buy their pile of pvc and connectors to build something appropriate, all the ideas are great that I’ve heard.

I really like the idea of getting kodi…I just heard about the app, today.


Yeah I think the tutorial was by mchinga but it’s several on YouTube that walks you through the process , but you’ll love the advantages and all the new releases is on there even get out , Logan , fist fight , I watch mostly the ones with HD behind them and the quality is great .


@Countryboyjvd1971… I checked the netting on my screen, they are approximately 3" squares but by happenstance, no planning cause I don’t know what I’m doing with it…though the size looks okay to my untrained eyes!


watering day for my spread out screened plant, a day late the leaves looked droopy…watered with pH’ed water 6.5, and a little Mammoth P and Great White.

they have been on 12/12 for 5 days, no flowers obvious yet.


Thanks @kabongster I’ll set mine up in the 3-4 inch range when I build my nets hopefully this weekend if I finish up the chores first hahahaha
Need to put a new well pressure tank in before my existing starts to leak plus I’m upgrading the size of tank and pressure switch
So I’ll be busy with that first thing on Saturday morning hahaha
Thanks again my friend appreciated as always
Our set ups are similar lol
Even looks like my nutes on your shelf hey now :sun_with_face::clown_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


when I saw the photo of your storage/work area, that was my first thought.
I’m trying my best to keep the clutter under control.
This was how my set up started last year


I fed the larger plant at a Grow Micro Bloom ratio of .25/1/2 to a ppm of 850 and added Bud Blood, about 1/4 tsp and that added about 200 to the ppm today, roughly 1050, pH 6.4


Is it just me cause my ppm is like 1550 at starting week 6 but only week 3 in full flower.


the FFOF soil still has some nutes in it but they are running low…I am just starting to add my GH grow, micro and bloom to the soil and watching for now.


Yesterday…I fed the smaller plant…the same dosage ratio of .25 Grow, 1 Micro, 2 Bloom plus 1/4 tsp Bud blood, Mammoth P and Great White.

ppm was 1050, pH was 6.5

Today I watered my sort of scrog…pH 6.4

Then I took some cuttings off my practice scrog for my practice monster cropped clones.

I got a pan of water ready, cleaned the scissors with alcohol, got a sterile razor blade, rooting gel and I used rock wool soaked in pH 5.6 water overnight, set up the grow tent, got a heater going and warming the air with a heat mat, under a mars 300 LED 40 inches away.

I cut a branch, put it under water immediately and trimmed lower leaves and lower secondary branches & buds, left the top apical bud on, cut an angled slice off at the bottom, skinned a little off (not much, 2 swipes) with a sharp razor…all under water…then into rooting gel and into a myco dusted rock wool plug wrapped in foil, put under a dome
I did that to 5 branches.

I am not expecting miracles…if something starts, great…and the more the better…or none at all, it’s all part of the process.