Gold Leaf started


Not for this student, well it yet anyway :sunglasses:


I might not have dropped out of hs if they would have let me smoke during class hahhahaha
I love this university and the student body who attend lol


sorry bro…you’re the “almost” from my post, not required yet…you brought a note to school :wink:

“Please excuse Hawkeye from coming to school medicated.”

We put the “higher” in higher education @Countryboyjvd1971!


I practice the art of puffery. I got a PHD in THC, a bachelor’s and masters from the University of Bob Marley… haha


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I try my best


This stuff used to be called Schultz super thrive. Most of the vitamins and minerals are derived from heavy metals. I stopped using it when I learned that fact. Schultz halted production in 2016 but has reconfigured their site and has begun producing the concentrated synthetic fertilizers that made them famous.

I worked at a commercial landscape nursery in Ojai, CA for a couple of years and they swore by the stuff for ornamental


That’s almost a work of art, I hope I end up that good, I’ve got a 600w hps and it’s my first grow but I’m doing a scrog, and my grow room is 120cm x 120cm x 200cm,looks about the same size as yours


Nice will do the trick lady is just starting a little big


Looking at my scrog screen…that is a smallish screen on top…it might be better suited for support on a main line style grow or one with fewer colas.

I can expand the top, there are only four 1/2" elbows glued and on one end of them only…the rest can be reconfigured at the cost of more string, less than .30 cents and more elbows and pipe. I wasn’t certain of the stability.


remember what I said my screen is actually supported by my ladies themselves I took out the support which I had only for first few days while stems hardened from the bending. My screen is 60"x30" weighs around 15-20lbs

the plants are forced to toughen up thickening stalks and stems increasing nutrient transport :wink:
just an early pic when I had screen briefly supported need to raise light 4-6" today and do some more tying tonight needed tops to stretch more to get to outer edges.
I guess it would be quite tricky with ladies at different stages to do much larger screen


Here’s my Gold Leaf’s progress so far-
DownEast 12 - Gold Leaf Archive For comparison or just general oogling


That part of hydro scares the crap out of me even though I’m here almost 24/7


ask @yoshi …he worked a long day and came home to death and decay.

it’s an education all right.


I changed my lights, got the old MH bulb out…REMEMBER to wear cotton/cloth gloves when handling the bulbs…and changed the lights to 12/12.

The scrogged plant got a flower feeding, a 50% feeding starting at 1/4x, 1x, 2x dose of grow then halving that, micro and bloom today, 800ish ppm and a 6.4 pH.


Lol @kabongster :sweat_smile:, espacelly if it’s On since a couple of hours… ouch ouch. … burning bulb… lol​:bulb::fire::bulb::warning:

More seriously, all HID lights should be manipulate with cotton glove to avoïd leaving finger mark that have “fat” in it. These finger mark can made the glass of the bulb crack even explode…


Hey @kabongster I will borought your idea of SCROG setting, I like the ajustable height and the suspend grill plateau :wink:

Your plants seems to be very bushy and healty :+1: :ok_hand:


It’s not glued except at 4 contact points so it can be re-configured…I added an extension to one end, lights went out so a picture tomorrow, but the concept works, it’s up to you to design one.


I am inherently lazy I just throw a screen on them and say here hold this for me will you :wink:


Lol :sweat_smile: @Donaldj, I think it will be pretty that for me too :wink:. … I will most probably fix 4-2" pvc tube in each corner of my closet and make a SCROG plateau with 4-1" tubes that gone a enter in the 2" inch one, that way I gone a have an adjustable plateau :wink:


I only support it for first few days then pull supports and the plants hold everything