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yep, reviews can break a company…always leave a review for others especially if there was a problem and you tried to communicate and they didn’t understand and resolve it.

Thoughts from the Morning Garden

I topped my plants a few weeks ago and one girl has continued a “funny growing pattern”…all the stems continue to display a growth tip as starting in a downward direction…and the stem in the last picture doesn’t look right there’s a groove in it…also, the nodes don’t come out spaced equally, either
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OK. It looks like a deficiency to me, or PH is off. Something is off What I am talking about is the interveinal (sp?) ridges that are showing.

Maybe it is the lights too, but, it looks under nourished with a really light green color.

You know you are asking a blind man to look at something…LOL


in FFOF for 6-7 weeks, sprouted Jan 1 on 18/6

I watered her and tested 5 days ago…
pH in 6.7 out 6.4
ppm in 90 out 820

3 days later I gave her nutes
GH micro 5ml
grow 3ml
bloom 2 ml
pH in 6.4 out 6.4
ppm in 775 out 840

lowest leaves are dark green, post 89 was yesterday, shows lights, a failing MH at 8"-10" and a Mars Hydro 300 at 18"


As far as nodes not being quite symmetrical, that is something that just can’t be helped sometimes.

However, I agree with Latewood that it does look like something is off, the twisting leaves do indeed imply a deficiency or a pH too far from an ideal range.

Are you using a soil or media that is mostly peat? If so you might want to try a lower pH, maybe closer to 6.2, which is what Pro-Mix’s own website recommends for their peat moss based mixes.

Happy growing,



I missed yesterday’s weekly update because I missed maintenance day, I had to babysit.

so here they are…they got pH’ed water and ppm is going down on the biggest plant, 450, and the smaller one is at 750, pH’es are 6.5…I’ll give the larger one a light feeding next watering.

my scrog screen…the top is a tad too small, it can be fixed…it’s my first attempt, scrog screen 1.0

as time goes by there will be modifications


@kabongster I like the screen set up bro small but still functional and it looks like you can raise it if needed :grin::+1: I’m going to build one soon myself
Just out of curiosity why not build a bigger one so both plants can go under it ?
By the way the girls look great just did a quick catch up on the tread brother :v:️️:sunglasses:CB


Looks brother


I may build one for it or put the smaller topped one on the smaller plant, CB.

I wasn’t sure how it would work out, the smaller could be a model for a larger one…but it seems out of my two plants, there is always a runt which I may grow out to 6 or 8 tops rather than scrog.
I’m not sure how manageable a screen twice the size would be…it’s worth thinking about, though.

I have been active since my last comment 3 hours ago, I need to collect my thoughts :wink: and I have a new batch of cookies to try with twice my usual amount of mmj. This day could go horizontal quickly, lol, but after the last few strenuous days, I wouldn’t complain.


thanks Hawkeye…you have me wanting to go back to hydro again it was so much fun!


They grow like f’n crazy. It’s insane


I see, and I’m jealous…the grass is always greener, eh?

someone else’s grow is always drool worthy


Nice bro save a cookie for me haha
I was just curious bro all good looks like a good design I think I’m going to make one that fits my 4x4 tent I have access from three sides so it should be workable for me ? Won’t know till I try though
And yeah there’s always the runt problem to contend with


it was my first thought not to scrog the runt…let it grow big colas and catch up…my mind is in flux…and I’m going to get it more fluxed up…going to my tablet and a comfortable chair!!


Yeah, what’s that they say about hindsight? Haha
It takes a little more attention, but rewards and growth are tenfold over soil


you will learn to grow a plant and learn to watch it for changes in hydro…days in hydro are like weeks in soil, problems are seen quickly and need to be fixed quickly…the good thing is not waiting for the next watering schedule to address those issues.


Oh yeah that’s true haha. Luckily haven’t ran I to any problem in my hydro. I just try to keep it cool.with some frozen water bottles and change the res every couple weeks or so. Which I need to do in the next couple days


I keep up, you are going at a good pace…watching everything, asking questions and listening to the answers, going slow and steady, reading and reading more…all good habits, a good foundation to build on.


I read a lot. I find that if you read through other post and see the issues and success they’ve had you can self teach yourself along with taking in advice and insight


lol, you and me, brother…we attend ILGM University, my kind of school that almost requires you to attend medicated!!!