Gold Leaf started

lookin good brotha :thumbsup:

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thank you… use ILGM’s seeds, Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Mars Hydro300 light, water pH’ed to 6.4-6.6, some Cal Mag (I see purple stems), mycorrhiza (aids in nute absorption through the roots, Great White brand) and Mammoth P (aids in nute absorption through the roots).

all I did was put them together…lol, I wish I had made it this simple years ago!

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Northern Lights down…it’s been tough, my grandson sprained an ankle and he’s here…it’s hard to get time alone to do anything…

I used the gold standard for measurements, but I was hungry

and my Gold Leaf gibberellic acid split stem science experiment…


7 oz I would guess hard to say you have to trim them yet

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I had a plan…a slow, comfortable harvest but the emergency babysitting changed that.

as far as trimming, I left more behind than my custom, I was in a hurry…any extended disappearance invited questions from the kid…and he commented about the odor on me.

at least it’s off the plant, all of it big and small and it will all be used :yum:

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I’m so excited lmao almost finished my shed and seeing it’s true potential already and for confirmation the area inside dedicated to growing 5’8" x 9’x7’
so no more height issues. 3 outside walls will be r-24 exhaust will vent into outer room keeping dogs warm :wink: they also get r-12 walls and r-24 ceiling not going to insulate floors unless needed figure with summer coming best place to pull in cool air


The return to the joy of growing, I am real happy for you the new plan is working out better, already!

lol, you’ll squeeze $5000 value out of your $1400 investment in just building the shed your way, then the harvests start rolling in.

that’s awesome @Donaldj! your own personalized factory!

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I watered and tested the run off…the soil is 4 weeks old, I was wondering where the ph/ppm stood.

I always water to run off, pH in average is 6.5, I have used cal mag (1/2 to 3/4 dose), mammoth p and mycorrhizae.

Run off with just water today was pH 6.2, ppm was 1340, I could put them in a 12/12 cycle anytime.
This is my first time with FFOF, I’m wondering if she’s due for a flush to prep for flower nutes?

I trimmed some more, lots more, gave the buds a little shape and came up with this

and the root ball from the bud of the month entry plant

and the buds from the Gold Leaf


:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Can’t like this enough brother

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thank you very much, my friend, imo, my best quality grow, trichs everywhere and an overwhelming aroma from the two plants…sampling will be a pleasure…I’ll try and save some for the class trip to Boston for the CannaConvention!


Haha good stuff brother

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Wow great harvest @kabongster you killed it

Thanks @Nug-bug…I had a much smaller Northern Lights that I cut down a week earlier. It worked well for my sleep last night…

ILGM has 60 days for cloudy trichomes in their details for this variety …the smaller plant I guess-timate was about 64 days (1-5% amber), the other was about 71 days (10-20% amber)

That second plant has given me about 28 big buds, just the tips of the branches, and lots of smaller stuff. Every one of the larger buds was a BOM contender.

I am a very satisfied customer of ILGM genetics!


@kabongster I Might need to take a quick trip to CT I’ll find you I’ll just stick my nose out the window and smell for yummy bud hahahaha
Super nice job my friend


you’d be welcomed with open arms and pre rolled joints my friend.

I’ll just notify the fire department that I will be burning branches…no need for them to come investigate the plume of smoke…plus I don’t have enough mmj for them all :wink:, lol

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Hahahaha nice brother
The visual of flumes of smoke made me giggle

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visuals nothing, I am so serious…we’ll sit in back, no neighbors, just woods…and enjoy the view through blood shot eyes.

we have one anti social dog that will take a few minutes for him to calm down…but it’s his house…the puppies are another story. The female will lick your face and she has successfully, but unwelcomed from me…spoiler alert, TMI…stuck her tongue up my left nostril way too far for comfort in her excitement.


Nice might need to take you up on that one day brother we aren’t that far apart I grew up next to Danbury so I can find my way around and your homestead sounds nice
As far as dogs go I have two myself that need a few minutes to calm down when new people show up they are friendly just very excitable animals and licking will happen if you show them love hahahaha

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