Gold Leaf started


Yeah…Mammoth P. You all should go listen to the "Growing with Fishes podcast on youtube. Last Thursday we had the owner and founder of Mammoth P on the show. What a ton of knowledge on biologicals and how they benefit the plants.

Enjoy. Maybe someone can find a link to the show. :slight_smile: and post it for us.


Ask and you shall receive, @latewood, lol :wink:


@Niala on the spot!


It was pretty easy since i’m am a subcriber to that podcast, :wink:, @BIGE :grinning::innocent:


@Niala your always ready hahahahhaha nice job Al


Thanks "Frenchie"


De rien…:wink:, and, you’re welcome, “Redneck” … LOL :wink: :sweat_smile: :v: