Gold Leaf started


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


I have just 1 gold leaf on the go, she’s around 6 week’s, yours are looking amazing ,I hope mine comes close , i see you scrogged , i did with my last 1 but wasnt goin to do it to her ,wot do you think , here she is,sorry for jumping in on your post, I just wanted you to take a look at mine and since they are the same plant,tell me what you think and was yours looking like this at that age


thanks @jasong
I’m real excited to harvest…every part of the grow goes so slowly, the last few weeks are so hard to hold on and wait, but patience wins again.
thank you @darren your plant looks great, tall, leafy and healthy she looks like you grew her outside in the sun.


I like be the view @kabongster
Now I want a lazy boy chair in my grow room :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Those buds look great what size pots you have them in you managed to keep them nice and small sir
I can’t wait to start my gold leaf


thanks for the good words @Countryboyjvd1971 , they are in 5 gallon pots…

I can’t stick my finger in the soil of the screened plant to my second knuckle, the roots have spread so well.

the runt grew slowly but in hindsight I should have used a smaller version of my screen to spread the five colas apart on her, not like a scrog but just to help air circulation.


They look great brother and super delicious lol


Nice stuff bud.


I say SCROG couldn’t hurt


a little update, I missed a week…real life got in the way!!!

so here’s my runt, five colas, she’s sitting in darkness waiting for the rest of her haircut

and my screened plant with another week or so till she gets harvested, it’ll be a day by day decision

and a sprout, California Dream with her companion to be, a seed soaked for 18 hours then put in rock wool wrapped in foil sitting on moist hydroton


Holy cow @kabongster they look great so I’ll stop bye in about a month or so when cured


I would really enjoy that meeting…we will have to arrange something, seriously :wink:


Looking luscious!!!

I’d been wondering where you stood on this grow, that’s a BOM right there, Sir



Btw- I’ve got milky and a touch of amber and I’m ready to take mine down this weekend. Like the lighter buzz - how much amber do you have?


Looks delicious!! @kabongster


i like an underdog! lol runt,psst… great job @kabongster!


I’m down @kabongster we will definitely meet up before summer is over brother


you all say the nicest stuff @Sl1 @jasong @BIGE

I’d have to say the same, milky with a touch of Amber on the runt @Sl1 …a plant I came to appreciate more as she grew…a nice, compact, fast to mature, healthy plant, packed with resin, the true test :wink:


damn @kabongster those are so beautiful dude, great job!! Oh, and I’m definitely down for a road trip this summer! @Countryboyjvd1971 I’ll pick you up on the way!



Nice sounds good @ktreez420


Thanks @ktreez420

sounds good?..sounds great @Countryboyjvd1971 !!
It’s looking like a get together is in the cards :laughing: