Gold Leaf started


They are looking great, remind me again how far along they are? Nice Grow, R!

Mine are looking better after a generous feeding - will update my journal tonight.


March 18 was 12/12 day…pistils showed up a week after that…about 47-48 days

thanks @Sl1 ! :grin:


Damnnn dude they look AWESOME!!



thanks @ktreez420 … it’s Robert’s Gold Leaf genetics…the trichomes literally pop out at you.

I expect to have to shove the trichs into the tent soon so I can zipper it shut!!


These pics only getting half the likes they should be…


thanks @BLZD … hanging around this forum has taught me to forget the stuff I thought was right (but was wrong) and I have learned three times as much as I knew :wink: to replace it!


That’s right, I’m a week behind you (8 days to be exact).

Have you grown GL before? How does it smoke? WW makes me laaaaaaaaazy, friend…I have to balance my wheelhouse with something more sativa and that’s going to be after my GL grow thinking Amnesia Haze for social/day and Blueberry for relaxin’.


amnesia haze and blueberry is a great combo!
i grew autos. they were quick,easy to grow,and plenty potent…


@BIGE awesome, cuz i already got seeds :nerd_face:

Did you keep a journal here on your Grow?


lol,well that is going to work out just right then…they are also a very forgiving variety,lord knows mine went through hades…


I save my Gold Leaf for the evening, it’s a before bed buzz that leads to a good nights sleep for me. I have very little left of what I got from one plant, I am really looking forward to this harvest!


Sorry to read that you have decided not to go forward with your outdoor Grow this summer, I was planning to follow with interest and envy - since we basically have the same soil & climate…but you probably have your hands full with other gardening projects :yum:

I couldn’t handle living thru another summer with crappy grass and rented a tiller last month and fully turned and raked my soil to plant GRASS SEED ~shudder~. Off tomorrow and the perennial beds are getting cleaned out and aerated. I’m sure I’ll overdue it and be a crippled for a few.

Keep up the good Grow!

And what’s next?


Super nice trees! If I may ask what kind of light a wattage are you using? Your stems are wicked.


You make it look so easy @kabongster
Nice job


sorry for not getting back @Sl1…it was my birthday and the family kept me busy…
:older_man: (<-- a year older)

If I had grown outside, I’d have used my green house like @Countryboyjvd1971’s …the poly top hides what is inside from prying eyes, the soil would have been store bought in cloth pots though I do have garden space with bales of peat moss, years of compost, nutrients added regularly…and I did grow mmj in that garden.
My garden space is next to the house, gets morning sun at 10AM, the tent gets placed in the yard for 7-7:30 sun. My garden in the ground is partially under an oak tree and was unusable last year, we had a plague of caterpillars and that tree was ground zero…the tent gets placed so it isn’t under a tree.

I love growing mmj…but I don’t like problems…temps too high, too low, bugs, mold, fungus…outdoor growing gives me harder problems to resolve, at least presently…growing indoors has been my solution.

I am thinking of a two bucket DWC grow next…

Thanks @maximusindica …the lights are…a 600 watt HID with a mars hydro 300 added…I had put the LED in to supplement a dying MH bulb and left the mars hydro after switching to hps.
The plants are in FFOF soil, got GH 3part with Mammoth P and cal mag as needed…the stalks are rigid, very thick and woody…all I added were fans.

Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 :wink:


Woohoo happy birthday :gift: brother
I’ll take a few hits for you @kabongster best I can do until we meet face to face bro hahahaha
Enjoy your day


Thanks again, brother…


Happy belated bday R!


Thank you! :laughing:


my weekly photo update, the screened plant got a feeding of 1700 ppm nutes, the smaller is on a 1100 ppm feeding.
a view from my chair

the 5 cola plant maturing quickly

two views of my screened plant, lots of white hairs

and a bud from the smaller plant