Gold Leaf started


my ladies actually are sitting on 60"x30" display table which has casters so I can move everything if I want to get to back or other side only problem is I have to move veg unit to move anything. Next rotation I am going to raise the plants some since I need far more access to bottom than top of plants and crouch all day at work don’t need to do it at home :wink:


Having them raised up helps my back and lessens the vent tubing curve on the light a bit making it cool better.

Not having it fill the tent let’s me move it…I like the smaller size, fits my needs. I can kneel and pull the leaves down under the string and they stay there. The screen helps me feed my neurosis about tucking leaves out of the way…lots of places for tucking and not cutting.


10/4 I’m a tucker myself and it can get stressful when they keep going back hahahaha
But not with a screen to hold them
Love it


here’s a couple of up to date photos without lights, the screened girl has gotten more attention, she was a little to light a green so her feedings were increased micro and bloom nute feedings and a shot of epsom salts

the runt


Looking awesome @kabongster
Keep updates coming :v:️️:+1:CB


thanks CB!

I lost the battle on the screened plant, we’ll see about the big picture come harvest time.
she ran outta food first, took me by surprise how quickly she paled on me.
I’ve been playing catch up for a few weeks now while the other has cruised right along and passed, now.


thanks for the idea @kabongster, i need something to keep my fabric pots up out of the runnoft…lol i bet it helps with air circulation also… those gals sure are looking great!
in the past i let my plants suck up extra runnoft,i wander if i waited a day or so after watering if i could re-use that water as i have been,or should i discard all run off?


all the run off goes outside on flowering shrubs…the runt sits in run off about 10 minutes then that is discarded, the screened plant drips it out…which is part of the reason she ran outta nutes faster besides eating more, the screened plant has a consistent 20% run off to make sure the water soaks through her soil completely…she gets a slow watering about a quart at a time for 1 1/2 gallons.


my two Gold Leaf this morning, the difference the way the buds have developed so far…the left plant, the runt, has dead and dying hairs, the screened plant has nothing but white, fresh looking hairs.
The screened plant was first out of the ground and the faster grower…the runt has more trichomes and looks to be in a more mature place, atm.


IYum yum yummy :yum:
Looking so sugary and beautiful :grin:
How long in flower @kabongster I’m know you’ve said before but lol I was and am high lol


March 18 was 12/12 day…40-41 days now…they showed hairs about a week later

the runt has a thick carpet of resin bulbs…I had to check if it was mold this morning it covers the leaf and bud completely


Nice :+1: they are going to be sweet by harvest I’m about 30 day behind you I think so woohoo
Got my gold leaf beans yesterday in the mail :grin::+1:


I’m fighting the urge to snip and sample some smaller buds in the center of the screened plant…but snipping may promote bigger buds up top?


Sounds like your trying to justify why you snipped it lol
I know how you feel bro it’s hard to resist but resist you must lol


Nice! I’ve got a ways to go…my 2 GL last night Uploading…

Why not snip? I figure, if these plants were growing outside they’d be prone to a few nicks and scrapes so why not?

Your plants are looking great!


I will make up my mind on what to do…smoke a little and then change my mind…


Hey @kabongster I know you said you have some air flow issues with your green house just found this at home depot they are about 80$ plus you need to buy battery but with the extended battery they say 17 hour of run time on low
I think I’m going to grab one and see if it helps
I have no power option where I placed my green house and running a cord 2acres isn’t a option lol


more new toys i see…lol


resist the dark side @kabongster,use the force! or snips…


my two Gold Leaf, the hairs are dying on one while just forming on the screened plant.
the trichomes are clouding up on the unscreened plant.

I’m increasing the nutes on the screened plant, a ppm of 1500… decreasing them on the other, a ppm of 1000…