Gold Leaf started


damn that is a sweet greenhouse @Countryboyjvd1971! great link share!



I decided on a 10 x 20 x 7 but same style @ktreez420 :blush::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::+1: @kabongster
Going to use for my vegetables and a couple of my ladies woo hoo
Over head viewing solved hahahaha that was my only concern putting them outside because my property is private :blush::+1:


that sounds big enough…you’ll see what I mean, the small screened windows weren’t enough for good air movement by themselves.
you’ll have to get creative to increase circulation, overhead viewing is solved!
do you have running water out there or you getting a very long hose?


I have a couple big barrels and will put submerable pump to water the garden :cowboy_hat_face: Will need to put generator on my trailer and bring it down for power
I’ll fill barrels as needed or rig so sort of rain collection system
I figure I’ll roll up side if needed I also got a screen too cut down on sun if needed I’ll remove top completely and leave sun shade screen over the frame ?
But thanks for the heads up I think it will be pleanty big for my needs


my girls after feeding, I did a 100%/100%/125% dosing…5 ml/gal Grow, 10ml Micro, 17ml Bloom, Mammoth P 1 ml…pH 6.4, ppm 1320.
I am doing a water/feed schedule every two days the last few times.

the girls were looking way too golden colored, even for Gold Leaf…the last two feedings were more standard, I had cut down on the Nitrogen a little too early and the plants needed a little greening up.

I took the screened plant and spun it around to clean off the back side and removed the extensions on the set up as not needed this grow.


those gals are looking awesome @kabongster.


thank you @BIGE

each grow is making me more comfortable and getting me better harvests!


i’m with ya there,after you get over the newbie shakes,it gets easier,more routine anyways…lol


They look awesome, @kabongster, really fat buds!


Woohoo look at them go brother
I can’t wait :blush: to see them finish up
Just got me dreaming of when I plant my first gold leaf seed in a few months :grin:
How many buds would you say you have in the one under the screen and does it have more than the one not screened?


I can’t count, atm, my grandson is over visiting and just typing in this forum gets unwanted attention…I will be busy today…the screen has exposed a lot more buds, they are slightly smaller than the other one being there are so many more …the unscreened one has bigger colas going

I do like the movable screen.


Cool I understand the grandchildren lol
Enjoy your time with him
So it fare to say more buds under net :+1:


phew, my grandson just left…what a tiring day for this old man.

the screen has done a great job opening the plant up, I may always use one in some manner from now on.


the smaller plant with 5 colas got nutes today, ppm 1600 pH 6.4

the screened plant has been fed/fed/watered/fed ppm 1550 to 1750 pH 6.4


Looking REALLY good! That main stem on the one is amazing!

How many weeks in flower? I think mine are a month behind yours?


Thank you @Sl1 the stems have grown solid, nothing wimpy about them…

I switched to 12/12 on March 18, about a month ago…they had buds forming about a week to 10 days later.


They look fabulous @kabongster
Watching your grow just makes me super excited
I can’t wait to receive my GL beans
Yummy yummy stuff you have there bro


Was just looking at mine this morning, woody stems for sure!


Thanks CB…the screened plant has been interesting. Having never used a screen, my first one being mobile has been a fun learning experience. I like spinning the plant for maintenance and even light. The plant doesn’t fill the tent…that would take more time plus I don’t need pounds of mmj, I am the only one using it.

Hiya @Sl1…I dunno what gets the credit…the FFOF soil or genetics or both, but the stems are strong.


Yeah that’s a cool little set up you have
I was thinking about it last night actually while I was sitting on floor trying to get to the back plants under my screen and maintain them
I have decided that next scrog I’ll definitely use only two plants not 4 I have access to the back plants but the inside of plant is hard to get to and see well
at this point my screen is about 80- 90 % full
And I may build a set up like yours to make it more manageable? @kabongster