Gold Leaf started

I will be waiting for you in northern CT…we could move 20 miles north and hit MA for a bigger “conference”!!!

we’ll have to put out a special bulletin…we could reserve the ILGM party bus if you could drive it, pick up some more on the way.

maybe Robert could send the jet for people further away?


outta like for awhile !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Nice harvest. Did you weigh it up? I would say no need too. You keep inviting everyone and that won’t be enough for the weekend :sunglasses:

@kabongster after she’s cured, please stop over the garden and let us know if she/ they meet expectations!

Outta likes :+1: :+1: :+1:

on all that !!!

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better show up early…lol, the weekend?
You’ll have to tell my wife, breakfast for…what, 30 sound safe?

We need a head count :wink:

I have been using the runt for relief…there have been a few airy buds that dried fast…the denser ones are rich in aroma, flavor and they work…I only expect better things from the other two plants, especially after they are cured.


This is how the grow, 2 Northern Lights, 1 Gold Leaf (seed was soaked in gibberellic acid) weighed in

NL harvested first, 6.2 total ounces bud, large and small

NL harvested next, 8.1 oz end of the branch bud, 2.2 oz medium bud, 2.7 oz small bud and sugar trimmings

GL 3.2 oz big bud


Very nice harvest! Well over a pound using my fuzzy math!


I need garrigan’s or niala’s dancing emoji to put right here, this will have to do :tada::raised_hands::fireworks:

first, my need for one pill I was taking 5 daily of just last week is down to four daily, a 20% decrease, and I’m thinking of dropping to three.

then the weights…
my last indoor grow, my first, was DWC and I did, imo, great with two plants getting 12 oz. It was a bunch of errors. It’s all here

Next I tried outside with a grow tent and learned more than I harvested.

Then I went through the grow with Pro Mix plus mycos, this grow and harvest.

The first harvest last year, 12oz x 28gm/oz = 336 gms/600 watts hps
This harvest, 22.4oz x 28 = 627gms/600 watts hps

My math could be as shaky for me as fuzzy for you?
I nearly doubled the weight…it pays to hang out here, read and ask questions

by the way, thank you :blush:


You’re welcome man but I’m just pointing out the obvious!

It sounds like you have made very good progress, both medically and growing.

The less pills the better or whatever works for you!

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sigh, I do like mixing the words recreational and pharmaceutical, bad habit from my youth…mmj allows that!

and it’s all I want or need.

I’m moving to the mmj angle more and more. As I learn more about it I am a real believer!


I had burned through the summer harvest and the DWC stash was gone…I had my cooking stash from summer 2015 for the last month…no flavor and the high was better than what I could afford…I knew the harvest was almost here. This harvest has returned the THC and CBD to me.

the pill I don’t like, gabapentin, makes me “I don’t want to do anything” tired with no redeeming values :wink: and when my last doctor wanted me to take six a day, I tried it one day and I was a brain dead. Five a day was too much for me, four is more tolerable and it goes on, hopefully.

I noticed a stretch in my girls under the 600 watt MH after their move into the grow tent.

Seems the MH bulb was fading in useful light, fast, something they are known to do…known to everyone but me. Two grows was mentioned in a few posts, but there are more expensive bulbs that can last longer. HPS last longer than MH.

I had the mars hydro 300 sitting, waiting for something to do so it’s now hung in the tent with the MH till needed elsewhere.


Lol buddy don’t need to give away every trick I teach you save the bulb mark it as 60% with tape on threads with date it will work good as a spare if you have a bulb blow in the future and yes they do blow. I always suggest going with the big fat MH bulbs not the skinny ones since the outer bulb is less likely to burst than with the thinner ones. Had 1 go last month both inner and outer bulb bulged from arch

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Hai, @Donaldj-san…and rather than buy a $50 replacement MH bulb, for now I will put that off and stick with a $15 bulb and spend the rest on additional LED side lighting. I’m sticking with MH, I need the additional heat in the cellar. I will upgrade the bulb eventually.

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Lol after seeing how my last bulb went I will be avoiding low profile MH in all future grows could’ve caused a nasty fire if I hadn’t been in room to hear it and smell it though I also don’t use sealed shade an fairly rare for them to burn out during use they usually die while starting and do nothing

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I am sticking with an Ipower bulb for an Ipower ballast…at the very least that matches!

I am doing a bong for good luck, a habit I’m trying to turn into a tradition.


Looking good brother have some catching up to do

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about nine weeks old now with the added mars 300 LED to supplement the failing 600 watt MH bulb, both angled…I spin the plants every day or two…the left one is a little bigger and got topped a second time one week ago, healthy growth since giving it another week before switching to 12/12


Lookin good brother

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How’s it been goin?

thanks for the encouragement…I wake up and check on the girls every morning, 3 AM, 4 AM, always amazed at any progress, and hoping for no problems!

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