Gold Leaf started

I got a $70 Mars Hydro 300 a few weeks ago and the choice was to add it to my 4 x 4 tent to supplement my 600 watt hps or use it to start some more plants…

tada, my poor man’s 3 x 3 tent stapled and taped to the ceiling made of scraps of lightproof plastic…

and what’s inside…

a few Gold Leaf started from seed, RH is a little low, there are a few bowls of water now, and some 3 x 4 cardboard pieces with mylar taped to them in the background.


Nice I’ll be following this bro can’t wait to see results
And poor Man tent haha why spend $$$$$$$ when you don’t need to
Looking good to me I made my box out of repurposed stuff as well :+1::v::sunglasses:


this is my 4 x 4 x 7 tent with two Northern Lights and a Gold Leaf, all started from ILGM seeds

a bud from the small Gold Leaf in front


Very nice :+1:
I just went into flower 2 weeks ago no buds yet lol soon but not yet :confused:

the lights have been on 12/12 for 3 weeks for me, the small Gold Leaf was about two months old when switched, the larger Northern Lights are 3 months veg time.


very nice set up and products @kabongster I’m liking the po’boy grow,lol I’m glad to see i am not the only one. Thats a great quality this forum has,seeing many different ways folks grow their cannabis. From the elaborate high tech grows to a trash can cultivator…:seedling::sunglasses::smiley:


Nice yeah I’m closing out second week now
Well Sunday will be last day of second week :+1:
Hope to have bud pic soon :grin:

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Very creative there @kabongster that’s why I like smoking it , it gets the creative blood going in ya. :cactus:

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can’t resist


my bag of soil got in…it was an on line order delivered to my choice of Wal-Mart, 1.5 cu. ft. Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

I was surprised in a good way that it was in a delivery box for pick up at the customer service desk.

I ordered an in line fan for the small tent…to vent it…should be here tomorrow"+in+line+fan


I may have to borrow @Paranorman title…this is not exciting.

my biggest concern was my plastic sheeting, it was taped up to wood, waiting on staples for my heavy duty stapler.
I got the staples yesterday…then spent the next few hours looking for the stapler…my wife and I looked everywhere, three or four times, but no stapler…Murphy’s Law…but we found things that were packed away, misplaced items…
I started today looking again. No luck.

I got the largest head nails, thumb tacks…the tent is reinforced, I put a humidifier in there, RH has been low, getting a germinating warming pad tomorrow cellar temps are too cool and the LED doesn’t help there, not like my hps.

Well I’m not sure which one I’ve got a couple titles, I’m “world’s worst topper” as well LOL

I think my snooze is about over I’ve got it all going on now! :persevere: I’m trying to keep up LOL you know how it is bro, feast or famine right! LOL


I know, leaf spots before your eyes…

I’m looking out my front window and see bugs flying around, and this is supposed to be the coldest time of the year, temps regularly below freezing but our forecast is for temps near 50 in a few days.
I like a good freeze…kills those bugs people in Florida have to live with.:wink:


the 4" in line fan venting my tent is in place

I have sealed the top of the tent

the humidifier, seedling heat pad and fan are up and running…brings the temps to mid 70’s and RH to 60%, the temps were hitting low 60’s and RH was 30%

and the babies, about 3 weeks old in pro mix and one gallon pots…watered today with superthrive, pH 6.3

one of my other girls, a northern lights (ILGM) in pro mix with added perlite…she’s draining after a watering, nutes in 3 days

I have named my girls, there is another a little smaller, I call them “the garbage pail kids” cause I have been using up old bottles of nutes on them…she started out on Dutch Masters Grow (finished), transitioned to AN pH perfect Micro, Grow and Bloom, Micro is finished, now on, and not recommended, GH Micro, AN pH perfect Grow and Bloom, moving to GH brand of nutes…with Great White added 4-5 times during grow, a couple of shots of Bud Blood at flowering, Cal-Mag, Mammoth P, and a silica supplement regularly…about 4 months old with another month + to go, 3’ tall from soil


That’s a very nice lady when’s the wedding :wink:


hopefully no seeds so not a shot gun wedding!

here’s my abominated Gold Leaf, treated with gibberellic acid as a seed


the babies needed water yesterday and they got their first meal, a half strength dose of GH nutes, they are about 25 days old


Very nice brother
She should yield a nice amount :+1::v::sunglasses:

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hey @kabongster, what are those pyramid thingys you have there?


Nice question

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