Gold Leaf seeds not cracking open enuf

I’m on my 3rd of 5 Gold Leaf seeds and they barely crack and the tails won’t come out. My guess is these seeds are too green to fully crack open, They even look green.
They were all:
24 hrs in distilled water to sink
Placed in covered wet paper towel.
temp set at 75-78 degrees

How many days @Bynk?

8 days and counting.
ILGM Purple Haze and Silver haze seeds not only popped their tails in less than 48 hours, but germinated in 4 days. That’s about as good as it gets.

You should email customer service and tell them. The seed sales and this forum are not really connected.
This is the growers forum. you probably already have the customer service email in your inbox. Sounds like you have success with other seeds so your process is probably fine.
They can help you. Friendly people.

Thanks Spiney,
yes they have been helpful. I’m pretty impressed w/ this whole operation. They’ve really gone all out in their whole support program w/ the Guides , Forum and expansive detail of the strains.
In their last email they suggested I post here for questions I might have. I’ll await their ideas.

Customer service doesn’t usually post here, but I think what they meant was that fellow growers are willing to help. @Bynk

Its a common story to struggle with germination until you get a system down.
For me it was often messing around with them too much.
Everyone has their own small variations, but its usually soak, sprout, plant.
ILGMs recommended method works, but you must be clean and sanitary, in the right temp zone, and dont handle them rough or too much.

It took me a bit to learn that after the initial 24 hr soak, everything after should be just kinda damp, not soaking wet.

I can’t tell you how many bag seeds I went through before I got my technique down. Im glad I learned before I started buying expensive seeds.

For me using a dome and mister made the difference. I don’t soak. I make sure all the soils wet, drop seed. Mist dome and it stays on until they pop.

I have the same issue. I saved 2 out of 5, but 3 died after working to get seed shells off. The Gold Leaf is an excellent strain. Once the seed shells are removed, they grow very fast and healthy. ILGM will replace any seed problems with new seeds. That is why I stay with them. NO HASSLES. I suspect the seeds may be a little immature, since the demand for seeds has grown dramatically. Once again, the GL strain is awesome.

Thanks Dillard, it sounds like you tried a bit of cannasurgery.

The 1st 3 wouldn’t crack open enuf for the tail to develop. The last 2 opened, tailed and went into soil yesterday. Today one of them popped.

In the meantime, ILGM “Angel” Sarah got back to me the same day I emailed the problem and 2 days later she was sending me replacements (opted to go w/ Bubba Kush, since I thought an established strain might have fewer issues).

ILGM seems to be really well run. Sarah is super!