Gold Leaf..Running out of time!? Need Advice

My Gold Leaf has Finally got buds…about a week and a half ago…7 ft tall looks great but as it just started with pistils all over the plant I am running out of good weather. Im in MA and its getting pretty chilly at night…should I bring it inside and if so use lights etc?? Not real experienced (obviously) plant is real healthy but started off real slow thats why running out of time…thanks in advance


This is a tough situation. 7ft tall will be difficult to provide enough light for. If possible you could at least bring it in at night if you have the space.


They can handle cold temps easily into the 40’s.

If there’s a threat of frost I’d try to bring it in. Just remember, if it’s a photo, it will be sensitive to lighting changes. It’d need to be in complete dark at night.


I’m hoping to get mine to the end of October outdoors if I can.
I’m further north and east than you and mine is out till the end unfortunately.
Just too big to move around. :wink:
Ive had plants outside till the second week of nov in the past and they do slow their growth quite a bit when it cools off but they do usually finish up Good.
A shed or garage would do if possible when a heavy frost was forecast. They will endure the cooler temps but a frost on the nugs has a tendency to finish them off. And like said above , A 7 ft plant is going to be difficult to light up adequately.
Best of luck getting thru till harvest.



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thanks for your help


Thanks for the help

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My father in law lives in CO where the weather can change on a dime and he grows outdoors exclusively. While it can’t protect from EXTREME cold, he fashioned a pull over tent using clothesline steel cable(not the threaded and coated string) and a tarp. Thread through the eye loops on the tarp and then hang a 1x1 across the top of the cables attached to the end you want to pull over for uniform ease of covering to protect from frost. Bare in mind he has an enclosed smaller back yard as he lives in Aurora.