Gold leaf redo, Bubblegum autos and more

Day 65 bubblegum autos. Molasses only from now till harvest. Ppm runoff is at 1500 & 1300. Planted third bubblegum auto in pot to the right

Week 4 day 5 for the back


nice looking beauties you have here


Yesterday I was checking my gold leaf cuttings and didn’t see any roots even though I knew they were rooted. The soil was bone dry. Fed the cuttings full strength veg nutes last night and when I got home from work one looked taller like it actually grew. Checked for roots again and wala. Right to the tent it went. The other one isn’t far behind so it’s in the tent too.


Out of the 4 seeds left germinating the gods gift is the first to sprout. Now waiting for the bubblegum, Bruce banner and the WW bagseed


I started thinking about the seedsman gear and why it was so slow growing. After deep thought I determined it was a bad batch of ffof soil. It was dry when I bought it and I had to pretty much flush it to get it re moisterized so the soil has nothing in it. Here’s a picture to reaffirm my thoughts

The cotyledons turning yellow. So I decided to make my own media with home depot stuff. I got MG garden soil veggies and herbs, perlite, and peat moss and mixed at a ratio of 1/3 of each and flushed good. Was looking for vermiculite and coco but they didn’t have any. Ppms were around 1400 when all said and done. Transplanted the blue gelato 41 and the gold leaf clones to new soil.

That all was last night. First thing when I got home from work was check the gods gift which is fully above soil now. It’s in the tent now with a humidity dome on it. After setting it down I go to my chair to roll a blunt and I find this on my chair

I thought “wow my wife is not only the greatest but she can read my mind”. When she got home I thanked her so much and she said she bought it at the 99¢ store last night for her tomatoes. The kids thought it was mine and set it on my chair. I told her she’ll probably need to make another trip to the 99¢ store and set the coco on my soil bag. She died laughing. We kissed and I told her I would build a soil for her tomatoes and make room or put up another tent.


So my soil mix is working! The blue gelato 41 looks 100% better :ok_hand:

The Jack Herer not so much it’s still in the same old soil :face_with_monocle:

I’m going to cut open the bag and transplant it to new soil, I don’t think I have anything to lose.
Day 40 WW auto :eyes:

I’ve been using the Kellogg brewed as a tea and it seems to have everything except calcium so I just fed her cal mag, epsom salt, big bloom and tiger bloom this feed 950pm. The nodes are nice and tight so the Kellogg is a win in my book. I’ll probably rotate between the 2 feeds as needs require.
Day 67 Bubblegum auto #1 :ok_hand:

She’s at the last few weeks. She’s gotten wider and taller as the buds swell. Just soaked with molasses water 127ppm. Did not flush the soil so whatever Kellogg is left that’s what she’s eating.
Day 67 bubblegum auto #2 🤷

She a little behind the other one and has only recently started bulking up. She was weak from sprout so I’m not surprised. Won’t yield half the other one but it’s all bud. Fed same molasses water. Dropped off Kellogg 1.5 weeks ago for burnt tips now I’m regretting it kinda I think


Tonight at 6pm pacific time I’ll be in week 5 with the gold leaf #1 and chocolope. With that in mind I did the last lst on the chocolope by pulling down the tallest colas to the level of the others.

Also I switched plants around since the spider farmer 2000s are on the left side of the 4×8 the en fun in the center. This leaves the chocolope and gold leaf in prime light. End of week 4 gold leaf #1 and chocolope
Week 3 day 4 gdp (back center)
Week 2 day 3 gold leaf #2 (far right)
Day 6 gold leaf clone (left bottom)


We’re still on day 67 for the bubblegum auto but the picture earlier today was before lights out. Lights are back on and I swear it’s packing on serious weight during the 6 hours lights off. I attribute the molasses for the swelling and bringing out the colors. I left the biggest bud out of the picture at the top

The gold leaf buds are out of this world for only 4 weeks. These colas will be near the ground at harvest I have no doubts

The chocolope colas are coming along thick and nicely underneath the foliage.

Day 2 gods gift
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Day 2 gods gift


Dug up the WW and Bruce banner autos that were germinating after a week with no signs of nothing. Found the WW bean with the taproot out and struggling with the soil…the bad soil from previously. Went ahead and transplanted it to a 3 gallon fabric pot of new soil and put it in the tent. Should see a sprout in a few days. The Bruce banner seed is/was a dud. Nothing happening. On a hunch I dropped another Bruce banner bean the day before yesterday and dropped another last night. Gotta get at least one Bruce banner going. Still waiting on the bubblegum to sprout it’s in a 3 gallon too.

Day 69 bubblegum autos
Day 42 WW auto

I have 2 loupes sitting here with dead batteries. Going to order some on Amazon since I can’t seem to find them on the shelf. Battery AG-10 or equivalent. This is the best shot I can get with my phone. Bubblegum auto #1. I see a few clears, mostly cloudy and no ambers. Day 69. How much longer you think?


Flower tent last night.
Week 5 day 2 for the gold leaf and chocolope
Week 3 day 6 gdp. She’s budding now
Week 2 day 6 gold leaf
Week 2 day 1 clone


From top to bottom in rows
The chocolope clones. I tried the Alaska fish fertilizer on the left one because it says it doesn’t burn. Bullchit.
The gold leaf clone clones
Blue Gelato 41 and gods gift

The Jack Herer “auto” freebie that I’m hoping is a photo is surviving just enough that I haven’t dropped another bean. Hard to tell if it’s recovering or going downhill so I’ll post pics and let you be the judge

She’s a lot less stiffer as far as leaves and stem than before the transplant if that makes any sense