Gold leaf Problems

Question on my first grow
I bought Gold leaf fem seeds from ilgm.
Seeds sprouted at 10-20-18. They have been getting. 24/7. Light. Because I thought they were auto flower. They have been 12 weeks of veg. I discover They were not auto flower. Now I did 48 hr. Darkness. And now. 12- 12 light cycle for 1 week. Still no signs of flower.

Is this normal. Will they. Turn to flower. How long does it take.

Also very leafy bushy branches very. Very thick. Even after much pruning

Also curling down leafs drying up. Dark green.
I flushed last week ppm started at 2000 then down to 450
Still problems with leaves

Fox farms happy frog with strawberry field soil
Smart pots 3 galllon
PH 6.2
Indoor closet grow
1000 watts king led.
Temps 70 - 80. F
Humidity; 40-50
Ventilation system; Yes,
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, yes
Co2; No

Keep her in 12-12 and check for light leaks

@Jmp2 Welcome to the forum! After flipping to 12/12 there is usually a two week transition before actual flowering will be notice able. During this time the plants will likely double in height. This time period is considered the transition. I flipped mine a week and a half ago and I’m just starting to get definitive bud sites. As @basementstealth said make sure you don’t have light leaks when lights are off or plants could become hermies. Pictures will really help diagnose the problem you described.


Could you post some photos in natural light please.

Start of flower .???

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Problem w leaves

Dark and clawing can be a nitrogen toxicity. You said you were at 2000 ppm, which is a little high for where she’s at in life, how long ago was it you got down to 450?

Edit: I see you said last week. It looks like slight nute burn on newer growth too. Chill on the nitrogen and keep an eye on her


Yes looks like pistils to me. Keep them on 12/12 light free during dark period.

Yes there are pistils

Excellent advice. Thank you very much
Yes things are going better now

New problem today. Check me out. Something happened to my humidifier over night and I walked in to 91% humidity-very foggy.
I noticed small white spots on a few loaves and freaked out thinking mold.
After more thought. My theory is my humidifier produced airborne calcium with the cold mist it layers everything in white dust.
Adjusted w new air temp and humidity and back on track

What do you think?.. . Dodged a bullet


Are they fuzzy or hard like spots??

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Besides what has been mentioned above, I am wondering about root binding up. You said you have them in three gallon pots? 12 weeks of veg before going into flower means they will have even more growing and I am wondering about the roots getting all jammed up. I think some advice from some pros is needed here. Is it too late to transfer to bigger pots people??? If it were me, I would start with one and see how she does. How many you got going?
** I just noticed the starting date and flower stage** probably too late, but still.

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