Gold Leaf pistules are ready to harvest, but my flower leaves did not turn gold?



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I purchased 3 types of seeds back in December from you guys. The Chronic Widow and Gold Leaf are both finishing their 7th week of flower. I have another week on the Chronic Widow, but the Gold Leaf pistules are ready to harvest, but my flower leaves did not turn gold? Any ideas?


Kinda hard to tell any color with the grow light on. Can u post a picture in natural light?


Can’t really tell because of colors in pic but those pistols still look white to me. Also you may want to get a jewelers loupe to look at the tricomes. The tricomes will be mostly cloudy with some amber ones and a few clear ones. If you want a more narcotic affect then you want more amber tricomes. If you want a more energetic high then harvest mostly cloudy tricomes. Don’t harvest if your tricomes are clear as this leads to a more paranoid high.
Also on the gold color you are looking for may not develop on every plant some may have the pheno and sone may not.
People say cooler temps help bring the colors out but I have been talking to people who are getting these awesome colors with temps as high as 88 f me not so much lol


I believe that plant needs to go longer - weeks longer. My last GL harvest was 11 weeks in flower. It’s supposed to be a 9 week flower period for a GL I think.


Im with you on the pistils… mostly white it looks like


I am in complete agreement with you on this. It appears that you have mostly white pistils which indicates active bud production. FYI looking at pistils alone is a poor indicator of when your plant is ready. A loupe or digital microscope is a much more accurate and reliable choice for determining the time to harvest: most of us use this method.

Gold Leaf will certainly turn yellow at the end of it’s life, assuming a correct reduction in N during flower. But it won’t look any differently than most other strains in that regard.

It’s a great strain and stupid potent.


Wow - I knew about the 9 weeks, but 11. Holy crap! Here are some pictures from this morning in natural light.


By the way my temps are running mid 60’s at night and low to mid 70’s during the daytime. The 3 x 3 tent is shared with a very aggressive Chronic Widow.


Those look fantastic - that’s a much different looking pic. :slight_smile:

I’d definitely start checking trichomes. The white pistils on top - are they new?


Hey welcome to the forum! @GrowingGranny huge difference in the pictures . There appear closer in those. but still a little off. Keep an eye on the trics


Yes that pic looks much different I agree with @Bogleg on that I would definatry start watching tricomes



Nice! your doing a great job!


Okay - I am checking daily for milky turns on the trichomes. Thanks guys


No my white pistules have been there for a few weeks. The amber turning is what has changed in the last two weeks. The plant (Gold Leaf) seems to have stopped growing and only plumping up the buds slightly.


Tricombs are what are important. It’s a nice bonus if you get leaf color changes, but alot of us spend extra work just to make our plants look pretty and has no bearing on quality in the end.


You are getting close though. This is what my GL looked like at the end.


Very nice! I stopped fertilizer ten days ago thinking I was on the wind down to flush. Just molasses water with a touch of calimagic.


Looks very nice I would say still 2 weeks or so let them continue to plump but they look great


Much different image: that’s why natural light is best. I’ve seen plants finish in 7 weeks but the result of some issue like pests or something.

Definitely want to start watching the trichomes soon.