Gold leaf photo fun and Crinkle cut autos

1 Gold Leaf photo period and 3 crinkle cut autos.
Dropped Nov 1st.
All sprouted in solo cups by Nov 7th.
By Nov 14th I had about killed them all.
2 autos recovered fine, 1 didn’t make it, and 1 was severely stunted. I got my jugs mixed up and gave them 5.5ph maxigro hydroponic solution at about 1570ppm we use for ornamental vines :man_facepalming:.

The Gold Leaf surprisingly didn’t seem to care :man_shrugging:.
But they just hanging out in germ closet.
Probably move the autos in big tent soon.
I’m going leave the Gold leaf and raise the light so it stretch like crazy and I’m going cut it in half to make two :crazy_face:
Some kinda huge unconventional mainline and a hedgehog hopefully :grin:
It’s going be fun no matter what…
Nov 12th

Nov 15th when I noticed something was wrong and quickly trans planted them when I realized what I had done.

Left with these now about 5 weeks old today.

I am still amazed at the growth rate of auto flowers the first few weeks :heart_eyes:
I topped the two bigger ones and let the runt be.
The one exploded in growth immediately after being topped, the other one didn’t like it and showed way down.


They look good keep up the good work

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One started full flower soon as I topped it so I moved it into the big tent in a dim corner, it’s still getting more light then it was. I’ll slowly move it over till I can move some things around.
The other one I topped has continued to stretch like crazy :grin:. Little one tagging along.
Gold Leaf could use an up pot but I’m not in a hurry with it so it can just chill for now.

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I believe this is a rare example of a little to much microbial action going on in the soil :joy:. I gave recharge to early in what I now believe was a slightly hot batch of ocean forest to begin with…
Run off of TTA3 was over 4k ppm and ph of 5.2, and very slow growth
TTA2 is showing signs of PH issues as well.
TTA1 doesn’t seem to care so I’ll leave it be.

About to do a mild flush to 2 and 3 to try and get them more in range. Pictures show what I’m trying to say I think…

Gold Leaf is going need feed or re-potted very soon, starting to see a little mobile nutrients moving upward looking at it out frome under the color full lights…

Ok so I just realized something I believe :flushed:
I am such a dumb a** :man_facepalming:
The two with super low PH (below 5) are planted in food grade buckets that I got free.
And they had pickles in them FFS! Of course my PH is low, it is leaching basically vinegar into the soil.

I have plenty of containers, I just wanted to give buckets a try and I think I picked the wrong buckets.
I do not really want to but I’m going to repot them into bags… even if I can raise the PH, I will fight me the entire way I believe this is my best option short of tossing them. Which may not be a bad thing.
This is my last run with soil. I could just move on…

But lesson learned! Read the dang label on free buckets :joy:

Spent all week harvesting my big tent so not had much time. However I did get the 2 out of the pickle buckets and they both had very weak and sad root balls.
They probably want produce much but lesson learned :man_facepalming:
The 3rd Crinkle cut is doing fine, put it in big tent and soon as the others start to grow above ground from the shock I’ll move them over.
About time to cut the gold leaf in half and up pot it.

Moved all over to big tent, I need to transplant the Gold leaf when I get home and get it cutbinhavecand rooted. It’s getting tall!

Just starting to recover from transplanting, the biggest one has been struggling. I put way to much perlite so I believe it just can’t hold the nutrients it’s wanting. It’s drainage is ridiculous :man_facepalming:
I began bottom feeding it at 1320 ppm of GH trio bloom mixture with 3ml calmag daily 4 days ago and she’s starting to perk up. I’m actually kinda liking this method if it works good I may do this again. :sweat_smile:

Moving along

So all this just happened finally. 4 clones for autopots and the top probably end up in a bubble bucket.
May move the Gold leaf clones over to its own journal…
Crinkle cuts are so small but moving along…

Woke up to power being off and it’s 20°f outside :unamused:
Idk how long it’s been out but it just came on and my clones do not look to good at all. :confused:
It’s 64° in their dome… Hopefully they will make it…