Gold Leaf Outdoor Virginia

I put two slightly germinated seeds in two separate 3 gallon pots with Fox Farm soil today. If they break soil, is there much else to do besides water for success?

Depends on what type of FF soil you are using. If it’s Ocean Forest then you shouldn’t need to add nutrients for a while, possibly 6 weeks. Be sure not to over water. Until they break soil just lightly mist soil until you see them popping up.

Two popped. Woo hoo! Tap water here is 7.7 ph. Spring water I bought, just to check out of curiosity, 5.8. Mixed together they come to right around 6.7. Obviously that can be controlled. One of the two that popped had four water leaves. I’m used to only seeing 2. Is 4 an indication of anything particular?

Hi, guys and gals!
Completely new to this forum and community, forgive me if this is not in the proper location and thank you in advance for whomever can drop some knowledge.
I have some Gold Leaf Autos on the way and I’m located in the southern half of the northeast US. Assuming I receive them when planned I’m looking to start July 1rst. Will this be enough time for a complete auto cycle at my latitude?
Second, is Gold leaf auto on the bigger side of the spectrum as far as autos are concerned? Most people are ok using 3 gal cloth pot, while others suggest 5gal could be a better option for a vigorous auto and I want them to have the room they need to produce.
Third, I plan on using FFOF 3/1 with Perlite with BAS craft blend top dressing for flower. So much conflicting info out there, but, will FFOF burn seedlings? Some autos are more sensitive than others, so specifically if anyone knows, will FFOF burn Gold Leaf babies?
I’m so incredibly pumped, this is awesome, thank you to anyone who cares to chime in!

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So, I grew inside. First grow was in 3 gal pots, second in 5 gallon. Go 5 gallon if you can, but 3 will work. I used fox farms ocean from seed to harvest. Worked great. I had some issues resolved with cal/mag during flower, but I think that may be due to me using LED lights. Wish I could be more help, but go with your gut. Read up and don’t overthink anything. Take it slow and the plant will tell you what it needs

Thank you so much for the reply! Man I’m pumped, my seeds come in tomorrow. So it’ll be a little tight in southern New England, but I think I’ll be able to get it done as far as the growing season is concerned, it being an auto an all. What of note can you tell me about your experience with Gold Leaf? How much light did she like(although outdoor is a bit different) A big eater? How long was your seed to harvest calendar? How was your finished product? IE quality, density, flavor, dry weight, etc. These would be some nice nugs of info to have if you’d like to share… Cheers!

My most recent grow was almost 90 days from sprout to harvest. First grow took about 3 weeks longer. I enjoy the effects but was not overwhelmed by the smell. It gives me the perfect buzz I’m looking for. That could be entirely on me though, as I spoke with others that love it. Hard to comment on light. I had a 16/8 schedule set up. My second grow had much more impressive buds that the first. I used fox farms trio starting after the first few weeks for both grows, but was more dialed in and a couple steps ahead, instead of behind, with my second grow. I had a hard time finding specific feedback on GoldLeaf here, but the all around knowledge and helpfulness of people got me to the finish line. Think I got about 5-6 ozs from one plant on my second grow