Gold Leaf Outdoor Grow Cooler Climate

Hi wondering if anybody has tried growing Gold Leaf Fem outdoors in cooler climates. We live in mild temperate region summers are ok but def not blessed with the long endless days of sunshine and consistent weather others are. Temps can fluctuate some what and summer can finish early and temps can drop quickly.
I do have a good base of strains that do well but have heard alot about the Bergman Gold and keen to add it to my grow list.

Thanks Bushy.


Welcome to the community ! go for it, I’ve had Gold Leaf outside in the mountain range Nights get down pretty cool early spring and fall they done pretty darn good.


Hello @Bushweed!

Welcome to the ILGM Forum.

I’ve grown Northern Lights Autoflower but have yet to try growing Bergman’s Gold Leaf. Will grow it next spring.

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Thx KD this is good to know.
Appreciate the feedback

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Thx Prince. Yeah NL goes ok where we are. I don’t touch the Autos as I have the space to grow outdoors.
How was your yield out of curiousity?
Thx Bushy


@Bushweed . . .

The Northern Lights Auto I grew outdoors last summer took much longer than expected. It was my first grow.

My readings on Autoflower informed that on average, ninety days from germination to harvest. I was expecting a harvest by mid-October. .

My Northern Lights seed germinated 4 July. It didn’t start to flower till mid-October. I live in northeast USA, Massachusetts state. The outdoor temperature in mid-October in Massachusetts averaged in the mid to upper sixties, not suitable temperature for the flowering stage. The harvest yielded about five grams. I used it to make magic brownies.

The photo below from last summer: Northern Lights Auto- beginning flowering stage.

Plant height about sixteen inches.

Using a five-pound fabric pot

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Five pound, I meant five gallon fabric pot. LOL!!!

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