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1 of many Gold Leaf…just a week and a half from harvest :grin::green_heart::v:t3:

So 1st grow 8 Gold Leaf and this happened

I honestly am estatic that I was able to harvest a little more than 2 pounds, but now I just need to wait for them to cure, which actually brings me to the dilemma I’m having…how long should I cure this particular strain. I’ve read it can vary, but definitely don’t want to not give them enough time. I’m eager, but not at the risk of quality so I don’t mind waiting longer. I was thinking Halloween 2018 at the earliest since this picture was taken on the 22nd of September. Any pro help is greatly appreciated and I understand every one has their own methods and tricks of the trade, but just a general rule of thumb more or less. Thanks for viewing my post overall :green_heart::v:t3:


Air tight jar, let them breath for 15 min twice a day to bring in new air. Keep the jars less than 80% filled for enough air to be present, and give them 2 weeks at least. Some of the pro growers even smoke it after a couple days. As long as you flushed properly it is simply a fine wine that gets better with age under the correct circumstances. I’m not a pro but I know basic curing. What you read outside of this forum and the info you receive on this forum is all reading information in the end. Even though this forum give specific help in many different areas, curing is a process that can be won or lost before you even start your harvest. The more people who try and fail or try and succeed is how we all gain knowledge. What is best for me, may not be best for you but the basic principles don’t different a whole lot. Some people measure humidity and are real aggressive in how they cure. But I feel that if you wanna smoke some, then smoke it. You will realize when it is at the right time frame for you when you smoke it and go DAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN THAT’S THE SHIT! The best part about learning is the experience and knowledge you obtain to your own particular style and taste. Good luck.

We just found a full jar of gunga from a couple of years ago, it’s never been burped once and it is mean as, nice solid buds smooth as.

I don’t know what the hell you just said lol. But that is definitely not the way to do things.

Lol :rofl: I know it’s not what’s ment to be done, but it got put away and forgotten about since 2016 , tried some last night and was great.

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