Gold leaf , One week into flower

This plant vegged for 60 days after a really rough start. It started as a wimpy little clone that all but  died, now she's healthy but has really small leaves compared to her sisters that went outside.(they're 4' tall now)  I did a lot of topping and training and there are tons of budsites, I actually wanted to veg her for a while longer to fill the screen a bit more but she started making long white pistils all over. Since this plant started as a "runt" and has small leaves, will this carry over into flowering as far as bud size? Should I have started with a healthier plant? FWIW the mother plant is far from being a runt of course. 

BTW, tent is 2’x4’x60"


Looks good!!

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Love your diy planter, is that weed barrier or cloth?

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Thanks, It’s weed barrier / landscaping cloth lining a bushel laundry basket.

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I hope you don’t mind if i copy your idea my friend it genius!!! Plus i have most of that t stuff lying around.

No problem, I think those baskets are $2 at walmart, a roll of cloth will do a bunch of them. They’re very easy to transplant out of, and you can just reline it and use it again.

Thank you my friend and they become air pots on the cheap, was seeing a guy on you tube with something similar but this is way easier make

Update, She’s coming along nicely. I lifted the screen off to rotate the plant and let her stretch her legs :sunglasses:


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Very nice

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Thanks, I’ve grown my share of outdoor plants, most of them started indoors under T5s, but this my first full indoor grow. A lot of learning to do, No one ever answered my original question but no biggie, I guess it will answer itself in the end :wink:

@Tidbit what was your questions i don’t see one, regardless your doin great for firsy indoor grow

This plant started as a runt of a clone, barely survived, grew slowly and always had only small leaves. I was asking if this “trait” was likely to carry over into flowering as far as cola size. And if I should have just started with a healthier plant.

No, ive had clones start that way and be some of my biggest producers, especially if she was a monster cropped clones, she looks great imo, id clone her again, did you take the cutting during flowering stage?

this one was taken during flowering stage, i can bet it will grow vigorously and out do some of my seedlings

I got it from a friend who is a commercial grower, and no it was not taken during the flowering stage. I have a few others outside that were taken at the same time. They’ve survived flooding rains, a few hailstorms, 70mph winds and now are 5 - 6ft tall and growing like johnson grass. Mother Nature can be cruel in my part of the world.

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I wouldn’t compare indoor grows to mother nature grows, same plant’s outdoors can become monsters, I’ve grown 12ft plant’s outside and same clones indoor wont even compare, imo, its hard to imitate mother nature, ive never grow gold leaf to compare indoors or outdoors, same here im learning indoors , still have more to learn , im used to outdoor growin its more forgiving, happy growing my friend, hope you have a plentiful harvest

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Coming right along :blush:

Looking sweeet my friend

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I can’t believe how fast the buds are growing. I’ve already had to prop up a few branches because they were sagging from the weight :slightly_smiling_face:

She’s looking fabulous, it’s gona be a great harvest, she’s loaded