Gold Leaf Odor at 2 weeks of veg

All I can say is youch, if they r going to smell like that I am going to be in big trouble with my family. And maybe my neighbors too. :astonished: my family didn’t want me growing any. What They think I am growing is peppers and tomatoes. I am pretty sure my wife knows but is just bidding her time. We been married too many years. 33 or so. So it’s too easy for her to read me like a book. She does understand 're my pain. But they are not for illegal stuff.
I don’t have too worry about them doing anything stupid. :crazy_face: just going to be some words said to me.

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May I recommend a good filter? My wife doesn’t care for the smell of MJ (I know, I know) And she can’t even smell them as long as I don’t open the tent when she is around.


@cyberblast I didn’t mean to give the impression that the smell can’t be controlled it can you just need to do your due diligence and when you harvest and trim wait till the wife is gone for a couple of hours . My wife has been redneck about me smoking always ( 26 years here ) and when my daughter was born I quit for a long time . Then was injured and every time I went to the doc they just upped my Opioid dose till I was almost a drooler. Opioid s really mess up my stomach , my sleep , my attitude etc.etc.etc. well on a particular bad day I just sat her down and explained that I was going to try this to get off opioids . While I do have more pain than when I was taking a prescription it helps enough in combination with ibuprofen that I have not had a pill in a year now . I am a much more pleasant and present husband and father when I can stay away from pills they just wipe me out . Long story short is she eventually came around when she saw the difference in me and I got off prescription meds . Once she just knows then you can get the stuff the fix the smell


@bob31 @Oldstoner

That is the exact filter I have and am using. I started using it almost right away on my grow because of using some fish imullsion. Stuff was horrible. Fortunately only used in one pot and it faded away after a week.

Oldstoner, I used to smoke in my early 20’s and then early 30’s, as did my wife. Dont know why she is against it now, guess because I hadnt touched it…(to her knowledge)…since. I did use it a few years ago for a time till I lost my source. And I am on the ophoids as well, and worse, they put me on morphine. And having the same problems as you. Sucks. Now they are restricting the amount after getting me on a high dosage. Really great docs, huh. So I am tired of them messing with my meds and jerking me around. My wife knows this and knows the problems I have gone through. I dont expect it to get rid of all my pain, but at least make it bearable. And hopefully the wife will come around when she sees the difference in me. The narcotics affect my temper and my attitude as well. Tired of it. Just tired of it. It has reached the point where I have considered ending it all. Thats how bad things have gotten. So in a few months, hopefully, things will be different.

Oh, guys, I posted about a plant problem with my OGK girls. Will repost the photo here, but if you would be willing, I made a new post in the Diseases area. Check it out please.


Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you smile

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Dont know what else to provide. I have two other plants that show nothing of this problem.

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2 things concerning me here you are not using meters that means you don’t know the ph you are water/feeding with you also don’t know ppm and are using homemade soil which may or may not need nutrients period depending on ppm/ec/tds of run off?.
It makes it hard to narrow down a culprit but I would be leaning towards

or Calcium based soley on picture and lack of ppm to rule it out

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I used a meter to test the soil, but it isnt the type for testing fluid. I will get one of those soonest.

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Will get a liquid ph meter soonest and test the runoff. As to the ppm, not sure what you mean?

The soil mix is my own, but mixed to the following. 75 percent Frog soil mixture, 15 percent apprx worm compost, about 10 percent or so of …crap…gone blank…its to hold moisture. Just what it is called, gone blank on. Sorry, my memory is poor anymore. Due to age and being on opoids, Which is why I am growing these girls.

Parts per million (ppm)or total dissolved solids (tds) or Electrical conductivity (EC) all of these measure nutrients in rough form being how much is dissolved in your water. It is the standard by which we determine likelyhood plants are getting enough food also tells if they are getting too much or too little it doesn’t breakdown the nutrients but gives us an educated guess based on what we add :wink: it is another meter but reduces guess work on when to feed when to simply water

Ordered a new ph meter as well as a meter for testing for the PPM. This will be new to me in a way. I used one type of meter when I brew my beer. I do brew my own. Different kinds, flavors. I like port myself. Like a heavier flavor, but its not a good beer for summer. For summer I make a much lighter beer. Mexican style beers are good for hot weather. Anyway, I test my brews all through the process, so that is not new to me.

Thanks so much for your help. I will keep you posted as soon as I get those meters. wont be untll around the 2 or 3rd of the month next.

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@cyberblast my hydro store here is also a home brew stop…everything you need to make wine,beer,and my fav.whiskey!! lol
in fact that is how i found out they had growing stuff,i was in getting some wine making supplies…lol
dude has been in business awhile now…lol since the eighties!

I love making my own beer! I’m making a batch in a couple of weeks. An unfiltered wheat beer I think! Love it!

Come on @BIGE really? lol geez, that would be the busiest store in my town!

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I think you meant Perlite to hold water. Little white chips?

Well, for now I added some Fox Farm Bloom Nutrient. It has the increased amount of phosphate which, if its a lack of it, should bring this plant around., I hope. Its moved to other of the lower leaves and moved fast, so hope this works. Till I get those meters I am stuck. I did find some ph testing papers with my beer making supplies. Had forgotten about them…been a few months since I have made any beer. Made enough to last us for a while when I did. Anyway, will use those papers tonight and test the water and the overrun. Hopefully, that will look okay.

@BIGE Its a blast making my own beer, as you know. Especially being able to finangle the recipes to change them how you like. I have had more fun making beer over the years. And wine. Got some white wine going right now. Bottled up a big batch of red middle of last year. Letting it age a bit. Should be ready by xmas. Looking forward to trying it.

The white will still be a bit harsh then so wont be ready till next year. I dont think anyway. It was just a basic white grape recipe, nothing special so make it a bit sweet as my wife likes a sweeter wine. Me, I prefer a dry when I drink it. Getting to be fall now and looking forward to sitting on the porch sipping wine. And maybe some bud. Definately looking forward to the cooler weather so I can break out the port. Got some good stuff made up.

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@1BigFella Well, I have perlite in the potting mix that i used, but the other was more a powder. I dont know why I have gone blank on what it is. Let me think on it. Peat Moss…thats it… I dont know why I was just getting a blank on that. Too old, too many meds I think. Ahh well…

@bob31 the guy stays busy indeed brother! lol
alot of fun activity’s happen there…lol wine tasting night,everyone brings in a bottle or two of their best to showcase,beer, whiskey also…
growing fun? yes sir! AR african violet society meets there … red hot chili pepper compitition…and salsa bazare
it is a regular stop for me bob,good people there i cannot complain!
hydro farm is his gardening supplier…

@BIGE IT sounds like my kind of place. Wish I was close to it. There is a Brew shop in town here, but apparently isnt that big, doesnt carry much. I have thought about opening my own brew shop and now that you mentioned the grow store being both, sounds like a good plan if I go ahead and open the store. Been scouting for a location. No luck so far. Need as inexpensive a spot as I can find. I can start with minimal stock at first, but adding a grow area would be great and would diversify the store. Got some ideas. Now just need to maybe find a backer. Then I wouldnt have to start it on the cheap. Never a good idea.
And running the wine tastings, beer tasting and then the grow competitions, yikes.


Just to update on the plant. It seems that upping phosphorus has helped. No more new spots and no more new leaves being affected, cause it was moving fast on the plant. So hopefully things have settled down for now. Thanks for everyone who helped and participated here. Its been enjoyable, for sure. And special thanks to @Donaldj for your assistance.


@cyberblast yea,i’ve pondered the idea of opening a similar shop around here…
if we ever get to full legalization for cultivation i just might…lol
remember when choosing a spot …location,location,location…lol

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