Gold leaf leaves

Im 3 weeks into flower and both of my plants have become a lighter green. Is this a normal characteristic of Gold Leaf or do I have a nute deficiency


What are you feeding her NPK-wise?

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Ive been using Gold Leaf. My ec is at 1.7 but i just tested the soil and it is at 7.2~

I am a beginner with two indoor and one outdoor grows under my belt. To my uneducated eye looks like a possible nitrogen deficiency. Even though they are in flower they still like a little N.

What is the pH of your feed water and runoff?

I am sure some other growers will pop in and make some suggestions. I’ll tag a few @MeEasy @BStarr @Caligurl @emgoldslo @Mark0427 @oldmarine


I’m with the above. Probably nitrogen.

Good question.

Now I’m confused. Are you growing Gold Leaf or using Gold Leaf nutrients?


Before you go chasing deficiencies, do a soil slurry test. You can add nutrients all you want, but if soil ph is off it won’t help. It also won’t help if you have salt buildup that a flush will help.

There’s a video towards the end of the page.


Mine did turn “golden” but not that early in flower. Looks like a magnesium issue.


What’s the lights set on and how high. Otherwise I’d do a slurry or a calmag water til runoff and check things that way.


That’s a purdy pic


Thanks for the tag @JaneQP

I agree with @Caligurl to do a slurry test first

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Lol the strain is Gold Leaf and im using Gold Leaf fertilizer.

Same thing my buddy said last night. The plant on the right has almost completely red stems. Ive been adding 10/ml per gallon of calmag in the last 3 top offs…i have a mag foliar spray but im hesitant to use it in flower. Think its safe still?

gonna do this in the morning

Swap out the cal mag for epsom salt. Epsom is just magnesium and sulpher. Just make sure it’s unscented. Most grocery stores or cvs/Walgreens has it. Go about 1/2 teaspoon/gallon.


Is it cool to use Epsom in a rez? I currently running an autofill system for the ocotopots.

Yep you’re good to go. I would dissolve it first then add to your res.

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Hey lovely, thanks for the tag but I’ve never tried growing Gold Leaf :blue_heart:

@BigL703 , looks like you have some good suggestions.
On another note, how are you liking the octopots?

Im liking the convience of them but there is a learning curve with them. Im thinking about switching to a nutrient line called vbx. On an Octopot Facebook page, the consensus seem to get good results using it. I dont thing the Gold Lead fertilizer im using is good for the octopots. Its working beautifully with the 3 gallon air pots im trying out

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