Gold Leaf is such a sweet strain to grow! So happy!

This girl was bought primarily because of her reviews. We had never heard of Gold Leaf before that day but we got her and Banana Kush (never tried her either) because of the THC/CBD ratio and of course the reviews.

Other than a cal-mag deficiency in her 8th week, she’s been super easy and even that was nothing to reverse.

She and BK were taken from 18 to 16, then 14, and then to 12 hours within a 2 week period.
Only 3 days from final light switch she began to show us some signs of change. After a week, we had bud sites.


Welcome to the forum! Your plant looks beautiful :grimacing:
Originally from the bayou… still not too far away :smiley:


Thanks, it’s funny because no matter where we go we’re always gonna be southern/cajun. That part is in embedded in our souls for sure.

Happy growing!!

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I have really enjoyed Gold Leaf as well. A productive plant with great flavor.

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Absolutely! I’m set to watch these ladies finish out beautifully!
Happy growing :grimacing:

Welcome to ILGM, @Cajuncouple420! :v:

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Welcome to the community, Gold Leaf has become one of my favorites.

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