Gold Leaf Indoor Grow Journal and Defoliation Experiment


I am doing my first Gold Leaf grow. I do hydroponics, with GH FloraNova series nutes, and LED lights. I intend on doing an LST (low stress training) on them, and using Bud Candy for weeks 1-6 of flower. My seedlings are 8 days old and already in their pots. I have to say, I am BLOWN AWAY at how rapidly the roots developed, and how broad leafed these ladies are. The Gold Leaf is clearly a good genetic.

Has anyone grown this strain under similar conditions as I am using? Does anyone have any tips or warnings regarding the Gold Leaf? All input is welcome.


Any questions you have regarding GH 3 - part, you can ask here:

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I swear there are cabbage genetics in the Gold Leaf! I’ve never seen such broad leaves at such a young age. Definitely thinking Sunday will be a good day to photograph again and show how fat these ladies are getting. Good job Robert!!

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I haven’t grown GL in hydro but have outdoors twice now and it truly is an amazing plant with great genetics. Your going to be more impressed as the grow progresses thats for sure

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Gold Leaf; Pops in 2 days. Vigorous hybrid growth, fatty Indica leaves mostly. (hybrids can go either way) GL appears to me to be very stable so far, and I almost could not kill the plant in my 1 experiment where I abused the plant throughout grow. Even being water stressed and humidity running towards 60%, I grew 2 plants in 5g cloth pots using ProMix BX as a medium under a 600 w Ipower digital system, and yielded 3/4 lb. dry

Strong plant genetics do the trick everytime


I am already extremely impressed, and that is saying a lot. While I am new here, I have been intricately involved with cannabis for 27 years, and grown many a lady. Gold Leaf may be my new favorite.

I intend on keeping this thread as a little journal. Your input would be very welcomed!

Ill be more than happy to watch your progress, I cant give much input on hydro but I’ll gladly tag along to see how you go. ILGM genetics haven’t let me down, I’m growing GL again and some girl scout cookie extreme, and they are growing just as good as the gold leaf if not better to tell you the truth.

Okay … ya. These 2 ladies popped surface in 2 days. I planted 5 though, and 3 have been no shows to the party (1 sitting at 10 days now, and 2 at 4 days. All germinated, but 3 seem to have just stopped). I contacted ILGM this morning about them.

It is good to know they can take some abuse; although, I intend on babying them like they were, well… one of my babies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I have you here @latewood, and @BondPacker, have either of you any experience here: Question and experience poll about Sucanat pH down


I want to keep this thread dedicated for the Gold Leaf, but, I am looking at using the sucanat on them.

Thanks for tagging in and along. We shall journey this road together.

Thats strange, if you dont mind me asking what was your germination method?

Also I have never heard of or used the sucanat so I cant give much advice on them, I use a lot more ph up than I do ph down being in soil and using AN nutrients which is perfect for hydro, but too acidic for soil without some ph up

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@DissidentPriest Love how your Little Ladies look. I’m a total beginner so I’m going to follow this. Let’s see them regularly so we can follow everything. As to your seed problem… I’ve read a lot of these posts and if there was a problem with ILGM seeds and customs there’s no sign of it. Seeds are seeds you know they are Twisted little magnoliophytes!

Welcome @Wasthatmee! I intend on keeping this thread updated regularly. I am anxious to help you in any way I can, and receive your input on my little beauties. This is my first Gold Leaf grow, but I do not think I have been this excited since my first grow… some 15 years ago now.

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Hi @DissidentPriest, im sorry to hear about your troubles with our seeds, maybe they were damaged through shipping from not being handled, however it is weird but one question did you store them when received or straight germination

Look at you dropping “magnoliophyte”. Bravo! I love when someone makes me have a school flashback.

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Thank you @DissidentPriest I’ve always enjoyed being called a cunning linguist. :wink:

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@latewood @Majiktoker Can one of you admins move part of this thread to a new topic? Or can I? I want to keep this for the successful Gold Leafs, but I think it may be necessary to further explore the seed issue/experiences.

@Wasthatmee Good lord! You had to do it, I am sure. Like a biological imperative with some folks. Rofl… Claps hands… :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Move it where

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Day 11 from seed breaking surface:

Day 10 from seed breaking surface:

They have received their first feeding using GH FloraNova Veg @ 1/2 strength, and been switched to the 18/6 lighting schedule from 24/0.

Such pretty babies!

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