Gold leaf in a 2x4 tent, possible?

@Sherlockhomie check out this link on scrog

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Thanks! She should be a Christmas harvest and we’re hitting a cool spell at the right time to bring out some colors.

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keep me posted I’d love to see the color.

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If you spread the limbs out they can get pretty big if you got the space.

You guys are all awesome. Gonna start this project for sure now with a bit of confidence. Have 3 weeks left on my ww grow than the tent is free to try my scroggin haha

This makes sense why a couple of my Gl get yellow leaves all over

I had to double her supply of magnesium.

I have a Gl auto outdoors that just looks so sad. Probably the case. I’ll pick up some mag today.

Your gonna love it! Many people on here have grown it. Smells real fruity and tasty! Here is my first attempt with the gdp


Man those are gorgeous


Oh yeah those are beautiful, stacking up some serious buds.

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