Gold Leaf Hydroponic SCROG


I’m not positive, but I think your exhaust fan is blowing into the tent.


I bought mine from Rapid LED. They are like $6.00 each. You will have to order one per driver.


When You say “Their feet are now happily soaking in the pool” I’m just a Clown but the netpots should be 2" or 3" off the water to let the popping bubbles from the airstone wet the hydroton watering the seedlings. :clown_face:


Yes the bubble just wet the top of clay stones. Once roots form the level can drop. My wimpy second had it tap root bent over and damaged in the initial spring so she’s creating roots from the sides above bend. Need to keep that wet.

@MAXHeadRoom Perfect. Other parts there too. Thnx agn!


You can dim both Drivers with 1 Potentiameter if you get a 50k ohm resistance linear taper Potentiameter, and hook both drivers to it.


@elheffe702 fans blowing the correct way. The filter is backwards. Still works fine, just a thinner carbon due to the direction.


I was going by the way it looks hanging in the tent, but cool :+1:


Boards arrived. Getting excited.


Day 21

The babies are growing nicely. Bit of sunburn on a couple of leaves, but those will be discarded once the plant gets to the screen. Was thinking of topping next week at 9 inches and setting the screen at 12.


All the parts except the power supplies have arrived. Will be assembling next weekend. Killing me just waiting, but the CLG light will be enough until then.


Advice on layout?

Was thinking of mounting each of the boards in the corner of a 36” x24” aluminum plate to cover almost the entire 4x4 grow tent. Will be driving 500W max through the 4QB304 boards. Do you think I will be spreading the light too thin towards the center. The footprint of the HLG550 is 26”x20” and they say this fills a 4.5x4.5 for flower but with the smaller footprint the corners are underpowered. I come up with 31.25w/ft2 in a 4x4 under the 35-50W recommended. @dbrn32 @Aolelon


That looks like it should work okay, would give you the beast spread. If the center doesnt have enough light,which it should you can close them in slightly. But other than that I think it will work.


I agree, looks good to me.


Thanx guys. Might as well start to tap threads and get the plate ready. Just itching.:grimacing:


The light has been assembled.I have decided I like working with aluminum. The holes didn’t even need to be threaded before I screwed in the boards. (M3 x 0.5mm with a 7/64 pilot hole). I used #8 x 3/8 bolts (7/32 pilot hole) to mount the drivers, but I didn’t really need the nuts. I should have gone shorter on the bolts maybe (1/4 long). I also used a single gang box and a double switch so I could shut either bank of lights off. Only thing I don’t like is the duct tape holding down the board wires, but it’s better than letting them hang freely to gat yanked.

Here are the pictures:



Hanging in the tent

Thank you for your advice. @MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 @Aolelon

Really excited to see the girls grow in their new environment.

Yeah! Natural white lighting too. Never liked the burple. Couldn’t see the real color of the plants.


Now for the baby pictures at 4 weeks.

The runt is the plant with the broken tap root. She got a bit overwatered when I topped her up last night, so she’s drowning a bit. Corrected the level with refeed. Both plants have been pinched at the top node to start branching, although both have already started side shoots without it.


Also. Have the lights set at 12 inches from the top of canopy. Should I be trying to get closer?or am I too close?


You need to let the plants get use to the new lights. Set them at 24" and keep moving them closer every few days.


Very nice! I agree with Max, give them some time to harden off

Something like this is usually what I use to keep wiring neat and tidy.


Those give me an idea. Wiill correct after the grow.really simple idea.drill hole for loc-tie to double back through a hole in the plate. Use the head to hold it in place under the plate. Would hold it closer to the plate giving less chance to hang up.