Gold Leaf Hydroponic SCROG


I’m not positive, but I think your exhaust fan is blowing into the tent.


I bought mine from Rapid LED. They are like $6.00 each. You will have to order one per driver.


When You say “Their feet are now happily soaking in the pool” I’m just a Clown but the netpots should be 2" or 3" off the water to let the popping bubbles from the airstone wet the hydroton watering the seedlings. :clown_face:


Yes the bubble just wet the top of clay stones. Once roots form the level can drop. My wimpy second had it tap root bent over and damaged in the initial spring so she’s creating roots from the sides above bend. Need to keep that wet.

@MAXHeadRoom Perfect. Other parts there too. Thnx agn!


You can dim both Drivers with 1 Potentiameter if you get a 50k ohm resistance linear taper Potentiameter, and hook both drivers to it.


@elheffe702 fans blowing the correct way. The filter is backwards. Still works fine, just a thinner carbon due to the direction.


I was going by the way it looks hanging in the tent, but cool :+1:


Boards arrived. Getting excited.