Gold leaf help?

Hey guys. I have some outdoor gold leaf that are nearly 7 weeks old. It looks like they are already beginning to flower? They are not autoflowers so I’m not sure if or why they would be. The days have only gotten longer, not shorter since I planted. Or are they simply letting me know they are female? If they are flowering this early is that ok? The plant is only about 28 inches tallUploading: 6D6BA6DC-6AB2-409B-B280-80A3A292F6B8.jpeg…

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

If you’ve been getting just under and now just over say…13 hours or so of light, then that is probably why they are flowering already. I could certainly be wrong and you may want to wait for someone with more experience, but it seems like that’d be the case to me.

Don’t they flower when the days become shorter though? It’s the strangest thing

They’ll flower when ready if there isn’t enough light…and 13 hrs plus or minus a few minutes is borderline I think.

Well. Shit lol.

So possibly planted too early?

Or late…however you wanna look at it lol. Like I said though, you may want to wait for a second opinion.

Ok cheers. Will see how she goes