Gold Leaf - Harvesting

ILGM Gold Leaf - Finishing up 3rd full week of Harvest, here are pictures from week 1 and 2. I’m going to start posting until complete, still a beginner so any advice or 2 cents would be appreciated. I’m using the nutrients that are on this site, and I sort of got creative setting up a mini scrog as you can see to keep it more neat. I have it under 2x 125 watt CFL during veg and first week of force flower, then switch it to my tent under a 600 watt.

End of week 1

End of week 2


Looking great @Closetgrower91.
I’ll be growing some gold leaf in my next grow and hope they look as good as yours. :+1:


She looks really good! Keep up the good work! I have 2 gold leaf in day 24 of flower. Mine weren’t trained, only fimmed, so they are getting way too tall.

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Looking good I have 4 gold leaf I just started
Nice job
Happy growing keep the good work up


Thanks man, and good luck on yours.


Looks like we will be harvesting close to the same time then, today is day 21 for me.


I would love to grow 4 plants at a time, good stuff, thanks man.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 are those the Goldleaf you are growing with the nectar of the gods? If so have you started a journal yet?


One observation on the Gold Leaf I have in flower: the last measurement is 35" tall after stretching. I put her into flower at 2 1/2 months and that really was too young IMO. If you can, let them out more before flipping because I believe they will appreciate it. The plant hasn’t hardened off like a mature plant and is still quite pliant like a plant in veg, unlike the Sour Diesel plants which are 3 weeks older. Just an FYI.

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Honestly I was at about 2 months in as-well before I switched, I would have kept her going until Sept 1st but my patience got to me. Ill keep posting pictures of the weekly progress so we’ll see how she turns out.

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@Closetgrower91, most of us would probably grow trees if they had the space haha. Unfortunately that is unworkable in most cases. Still, it’s nice to put 1/2 pound of bud from one plant in mason jars.


End of Week 3, took one with lights off

Week 3 Flwr1

Week 3 flwr 2


Both of my Gold Leaf went into flower before I switched the light schedule. They had been under 14/10 for 5 weeks or so, were just a hair over 2 months old. They aren’t developing the way I wanted but due to space I couldn’t really LST them too much. They are doing OK but I don’t think the yield is gonna be anything to write home about unless they start fattening up soon since they are nearly 5 weeks into flower already. They are 53 and 50 inches tall, but the stretch is over, now hopefully some fattening up.

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End of week 4

Week 4 Flwr2

Week 4 Flwr 1

Week 4 Flwr 3

Week 4 flwr 4


@Jmesser80 yes I am actually using nectar of the gods with this grow I stared a scrog journal for the one in that tent will be all alone this time and the other three I haven’t started a journal on just yet I’ll tag you into my thread bro sorry I missed you in the beginning lol
@Closetgrower91 yeah it’s nice to be able to do more than one or two
I have three tents :tent:️ lus outdoors I have two green houses so I keep busy I have a couple threads going I’ll tag you into brother
Any time you have a question or just want to bs tag me it’s all good I’m around almost every day for a little bit anyway hahaha


Looks great @Closetgrower91 keep up.the great work. Also may I ask what you’re useing to scrog her? Looks to me like yarn of some sort lol


I’m going to try an outdoor next summer, I should have done it this year but just never got to it. But btw thank you, ill definitely have questions especially coming close to harvest.

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You made me look it up lol, its Polypropylene twine, I got it off amazon. Its more like a plastic-ish string.

End of Week 5,

Week 5 Flwr 1

Week Flwr2

Week 5 Flwr4

Week 5 Flwr3


End of week 6 and I’m not sure what happened here, pretty upset this has never happened to me before… I’m going to need some help/advice… If you look at end of week 5 to now, I’m not sure if this is a nutrient burn or light burn? But I think something is wrong…

I have them under a 600 watt LED, I honestly didn’t think they were developing as they should so I thought it was because of the light, I put 2 pieces of wood underneath to raise it an extra 3.5-4 inches, then i noticed the burning tips starting to develop. I took the pieces of wood out right away and watered with PH only but its still the same, these photos are from today.

I’m getting a little nervous, should I be worried? I do have a 300 watt LED light in storage should I take this 600 watt one out and put the 300 watt one in?

Week 6 Flwr 2

Week 6 Flwr 4

Week 6 Flwr 5

Week 6 flwr 1

Week 6 Flwr 3

Week 6 Flwr 6