Gold leaf gym exercises


Hello guys, I have been busy with work, but just wanted to show you how my gold leaf is doing.

Fox farms ocean forest, uv filtered water, no nutrients yet, 8 weeks old.

I chopped the fan leafs and just tied up the main stems, I tied 7 of them and there is 3 in top. I topped her about 9 days ago.

I does not look pretty but it will do the job. I made some “bag cord” with super market plastic bags, have you ever done that?


@Cocinero what size pot you got her in? Does it have any drain holes? It also looks like whatever size pot you are using, is only half full of soil. Remember, you want to use larger pots, say 5 gallon for photo plants and 3 gallon for autos. Most use fabric pots as they prevent overwatering,and allow for easy drainage and drying of soil. They also help to prevent root rot and getting rootbound. Also, you may want to fikl out a support ticket, to to have on hand!

Let me tag some peeps over to give their 2 cents!
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Good questions there @VelcroThumb. Also wondering if light can penetrate that pot?


Thanks for the tag @VelcroThumb!
@Cocinero she looks great, welcome to the forum. Some concerns that I have are that the pot is not dark enough and will allow light to get to the roots as @dbrn32 suggested…
Second she looks a bit wilty and if there are no holes for the water to drain out, that is probably why she appears that way. There’s just water suffocating the roots.


Hello there! Thanks for the advise!
I used that kind of flexible 4 gal pot due to the lack of time to get something better, I had to transplant her in a hurry because i was leaving home for 7 days. Drainage is not at problem, I made 40 drill holes on the bottom. She looks kind of weird I guess is because those leaves that you see were all covered by the big fan leaf, I didn’t do any trimming work till a couple of days ago


Well I just did the first trimming work a couple of days ago, the leaves that you see In the picture were covered by the by fan leaves, they weren’t getting enough light


@Cocinero try tucking the fan leaves next time instead of cutting. By removing fan leaves you’re decreasing energy production for growth. Think of them as solar panels. Transplant is probably why she looks a bit wilty. They take some time to recover. What do you have for lighting?
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@Covertgrower I’m running a “1200w” led which I guess the actual output is around 300, the brand is Bestva, generic stuff lol. Also I have a 100w circle CFl that I used to use for photography


Now that you mentioned that I’m going to cover the pot with, I’ll figure something out till I buy a smart pot


Anything dark should work. I’ve seen people paint them too, but they usually do that before any plants are in them


a little update, they are recovering, no nutes yet. @Covertgrower @VelcroThumb @Hogmaster @dbrn32


She looks great so far. The best that I can tell under the grow lights. @Cocinero



@Cocinero she’s still looking amazing.


When should I start feeding her nutrients? She is about 2 and a half months old now


Anytime now would be fine. Feed lightly at first. Then work your way up. @Cocinero



About 15 days after 12/12 and a medium-high dose of tiger bloom for the first time yesterday, this is how she looks like right now.



Just wanted to share a couple of pics around 2 weeks before harvest. Not the fattest buds, but they are super sugar coated. All I got to say is that I am happy about my results, it’s all I can ask for a 1000w led (around 230 real output) a cheap grow tent, and a tower fan. Minimal feeding with tiger bloom during flower and I have been flushing for the last 6 days.

My next grow will have a better set up since I feel confident enough to invest money.

Perfect ventilation and temp will be my main goal for my next grow. I decided to go for a 315 cmh, I have been doing research and they look awesome.

Overall I’m super happy about doing my first “successful” grow Even if I pull half ounce of dry herb. Bergman’s genetics are a nature’s miracle since I NEVER ph my water (I always end up buying weed instead of investing in good gear) and my plant never showed toxicity or deficiencys.


Some more pics, she is looking beautiful. pistils are getting orange and buds are looking a little more buffy.

Leaves are turning yellow as she burns watever nutes she got left after heave flushing… i plan on splitting stem soon and then 48 hours of dark.

Probably no the biggest buds but i learned a lot. Temperatures in tent were around 85 even 89 sometimes, so i know it is my fault because i did not want to invest 130$ in a good inline fan and filter. AIRFLOW IS KEY.


I think if you let them go a little longer they will bulk up for you even more. Still a lot of white pistils and most strains bulk a lot the last few weeks of flower, and I wouldn’t want to see you miss out on weight and potency!