Gold leaf Growing

Gold Leaf…10 weeks in growing outside…Plant over 6 ft tall and no buds yet…is that normal?

it wont start to bud until the days get shorter if its a photo goldleaf…


Thanks…didnt know that…how long is flowering stage…I’m afraid it’s going to start getting cold outside by the time it buds


Gold Leaf can get to be big plant outside. Breeders guide says about 65 days flowering. From my experience with gold leaf that’s pretty darn close.

Mine started pre flower last week with 13.5hr days…

Same here. My WW started flowering this past week and 13.5 hr days

Thx…I’m in New England…I think were about the same here.


Thx…are you in US? Im in New England

I’m in Vt. It was a struggle to bring my gold leaf to the end before the weather turned abysmal.
Chances are, if you look closely, you’ll see little white hairs (pre flowers) appearing right now.


North Carolina