Gold leaf grow need advice

Need opinions planning harvest in 2 wks


That looks about right.

Any advice on the harvesting process

Howdy @Spud1Very nice! I have a Gold leaf started for summer so it’s nice to see what a surprise I will have. Also I have a winter growing plant that I swear they could be twins, those thick curly almost ‘pistless’. Wow that looks so good! Great job!

PS I am an outdoor grower as well:)

When you’re a week away take off all bigger fan leaves that don’t have sugars on them. When you’re a couple of days away, trim the bigger sugar leaves and save that for edibles. If you do it that way, you won’t have much work to manicure the buds when they’re ready for final trim. I hang them upside down in 50-55% humidity for 5-7 days or until the stems snap but not break. Then I put the trimmed buds in jars with 62% boveda packs to cure @Spud1.

Thanks I am looking at curing very dry here this is today’s

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