Gold leaf girl's and bag seed with yellowing issues

I’m running cyco nutrients ph is 6.0 it’s in mother nature cocoa core temps kind of high 79-81 300watt led plants just don’t look happy as they should to me 1st time with cocoa I’m using cal-mag as I was told don’t know what’s going on or maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself

Looks fine to me. What is your concern with the plant? I don’t see any yellowing myself.

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The little leaves at the bottom and starting to get some brown tips on 1 I think I’m over watering

It is normal for the cotyledon to yellow and fall off. They are just the power house that helps the plant get started. As for the curling and leaf tips turning brown, this could be over watering for sure. Make sure the soil is dry, your smart pot should be very light when you try to lift it. Also, watch your temps and humidity, I’m guessing they are contributing. Looks like it’s doing well though.

Temps 79 to 81 no higher but I feel they need to be lower what do you think

Definitely lower, if you can stay below 75 you’ll be putting a lot less stress on the plant. What about night time temps? How cold is it getting? You want no more than 10 degree of temperature swing.

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79 and with light on 81 what can I get to cool it off beside A/C unit

Better ventilation. You need to move more air through your grow space and probably add humidity as well.

I’m in a closet lol might have to break out my tent

There 17days old by the way

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Yeah man, whatever you can do to bring the temps down will help you immensely!

Ok I got it

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At that age you should be watering like 1/4 cup at a time. Could also be nute burn if you have high tds values on your starting nutes.

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If you guys need help tag me! @Myfriendis410 @3high5you


Always! Post must be 10 characters long haha!


Pita when it really only needs to be 4 or 5 to get the job done!


Thanks guys I’ll keep you updated on it… My 1st time with cocoa so fingers crossed lolololol

Update on 2 gold girls

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bag seed look bad but hanging in there I don’t know what’s up with it